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Insta Dont’s

Although many of us probably think that we have seen and done it all when it comes to social media, there is always that possibility of the occasional post that leaves us wondering, “Wait…What?” Whether it’s looking at photos of someone’s transformation (#tt’s, transformation Tuesdays), baby photos or pictures from the past (#tbt’s, throwback Thursdays), or pictures of themselves, (#selfiewhateverdayoftheweekendyoufeelpretty), it seems that there is always some sort of controversy.

Let’s start with one of my personal favorites, Transformation Tuesday. A common physical trait both guys and girls struggle to accept or change no matter what age is their weight. People who set a significantly high goal to lose weight and then achieved it sometimes utilize Transformation Tuesdays. They succeeded and now deserve those likes that come with flaunting their transformation. If you’re pulling a Regina George and “Wanna lose three pounds,” please don’t waste the spot on my Tuesday morning feed with pictures of you pushing out, than sucking in. It’s incredibly obvious to any human being that someone is sucking his or her stomach in.

Another famous trend on Instagram is Throwback Thursday. This is when people post pictures of themselves from the past.

It is interesting and fun to see everyone’s baby pictures, but it easily gets old after multiple posts. I believe everyone can post one baby picture and that’s it. Two or more baby pictures is overdoing it. Of course you think that you have the cutest baby pictures out there, but please, do us all a favor and save the second #tbt post for next week.

Thank God I have my constant gym goers every week who love to document it because if not, I don’t think I would know what the inside of a gym looks like. Working out pictures are the most interesting to look at because it’s funny to see the activity in the background and if people are watching the person take a picture of themselves in the mirror while working out. I guess I can understand bragging about working to stay fit considering how hard it is to get yourself together and actually go to the gym, personally I get too tired after tying my shoe laces.

If you’re at the gym really working out, you shouldn’t be thinking about selfies in the mirror because you should be covered in sweat. If you’re there to look pretty and show off your cute VictoriaSecret “sweat outfit,” once again you’re not fooling anyone.  There’s the ugly sweaty post workout selfie that shouldn’t be on the Internet, and there’s the makeup/sexy pre-workout selfie. Either way, I don’t think there ever is an appropriate time for gym photos.

So, next time you think about making a post on Instagram, please use caution and think of this article before pushing the button.