Inspiration Awaits, Autumn Has Arrived

Warm apple cider, with perhaps just a drop of rum,

Meet waiting lips while eyes gaze at a sunset of burnt orange.

Inspiration awaits every move, and adventure around every corner.

Hayrides, wine tastings, corn mazes, and pumpkin patches.

The list is as endless as the rolling fields where they take place.

Make every moment count, Autumn has just begun.


The heat is gone as sweaters replace tank tops,

Blankets are wrapped around shoulders.

Fall has arrived, the most harmonious season.

Too quick to fade, make every brisk evening count,

Autumn nights grow longer.


Cheers of victory ring out, while colors overflow,

Not only touching the trees, but jerseys as well.

Screams fill the air as children burst with joy,

Only hindered by caramel from dipped red apples.

Bask in every brisk evening, and morning of dew,

Because to soon, Autumn comes to a close.