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2008 Election Opinion and Editorial

In the Name of HOPE (Commentary)

We all have associations and bonds that help us identify who we are. We all know the loyalty and trust that we hold in the values we keep dear.

We cling to these institutions to recognize what is right and we rely on them to help us in the face of difficulty, indifference and strife. It is in theses concepts bound tightly to our souls that we find our calm our assurance and answers. But it is in the face of change that we question what we hold as Truth.

There is a shift in the wind this November 4th. Party lines are being crossed. Prejudices are being ignored. Hope being born.

In the face of a turning point, a nation in need forgets what grievances it may have and comes together to participate in it’s process.

The very essence of our Nation lies in the Democratic Process and the heart of the Democratic Process is the Voting System.

In a town with fewer than 200 registered voters, the gradual give can be felt greatly. As one McEwensville, PA voter called it “Republican Land” might be changing it’s tune. Though we will have to wait till the votes are tallied in the morning to see, the signs in the yards here are strangely in favor of the Blue team. As for the neighborhood point of view, it seems everyone is simply ready for some change. The people want someone to believe in. They want something to hope for.

At the McEwensville Community Hall in rural “Republican Land” Pennsylvania- the inspiration that Barack Obama brings is just what we need and reason enough to throw political party to the wind. Here the votes are for HOPE.