Opinion and Editorial

“In Direct Communication:” A Lesson in Unconventionality

Written by: Katie Goodling

Keith Lynch is no stranger to independence.

As a one man indie rock/pop band, Lynch recently released his fifth album, “In Direct Communication,” under the moniker Unknown Component.

Hailing from Iowa, Lynch wrote and recorded the entire 10 track album without the help of a band, producer and a high tech recording studio.

Although Lynch lacked most of the financial and creative support most well known artists enjoy in the music business, he has pieced together a fluid, entertaining and thought provoking soundtrack.

Throughout the entire album, Lynch keeps the listener guessing from one track to the next. The tracks vary between slow and soft rock ballads to more upbeat rock/pop tracks. Some showcase beautiful and serene piano work while others introduce catchy upbeat guitar riffs.

Lynch’s vocals are interesting and unexpected. What he lacks with his range he makes up for  with a monotonous and scratchy grunge-esque style that attracts and maintains attention. Lynch’s voice has been compared to a diverse mix of musical legends, such as Kurt Cobain, Bob Dylan and Sting.

Lyrically, each track is thought out and flawlessly composed. The instruments do not overpower, but lend to the meaning and emotion Lynch demonstrates through each verse. Taking his music to the next level, Lynch undeniably has a talent for fusing together relateable and intelligent prose and melodic instrumentals.

“In Direct Communication” can be summed up as a calm and relaxing collection of music that still packs enough punch to remain interesting.  The album is unique but should not be dismissed for this quality.

Unknown Component mirrors but does not replicate the ’90s grunge rock scene. Slightly different from any song played on popular radio today, Lynch’s “Unknown Component” project stands proudly by itself, without the support of the multi-million dollar music industry.

For more information on Keith Lynch, the one man band, and song samples from this Unknown Component album, visit www.unknowncomponent.com.