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I’m an iPhoneless Student

One day during Fall semester I finished my last class of the day and hurried over to the Centennial bus stop to go back to my apartment. I waited patiently as the line grew and slithered around the corner of Centennial.

I whipped out my LG Xpression just as I received a text from a friend who wanted to know when I was coming over. As I was typing away on the slide keyboard, I noticed something peculiar about the three girls next to me. All of them were looking down as their fingers danced on their phone screens. By a quick look at the bright rubber case designs I didn’t need another second to guess that they all had iPhones.

I looked at the people who were behind me in line; four iPhones and a Samsung Galaxy III out and about. Am I behind this generation? I thought.

My name is Justine Rodolico and I don’t have a smartphone. I have no data plan, just a small screen phone for texting and calling. After five semesters under my belt at college, I am now wondering about the iPhone – “do I want it, or do I need it?”

Friends and classmates always tell me about the great things iPhone do.  After these talks I feel my brain itch – “I want it now.”

I look at all the smartphones around me, and everyone has different designs expressing each person’s individuality or interests.

Smartphones are not only the new “must have” of this generation; but you can have everything in one device. I feel it would be easy for me to be able to call, text, email, and get weather updates right there in the palm of my hand.

One way I could use it is for the Public Relations for the clubs I’m in. I had to use my old digital camera to take pictures during events.  It takes more time to download them on the computer and to send them to the right people to be published.

Looking at Instagram, the popular photo editing app, I see how easy it is to take a picture during events and make them look nice. When working in Public Relations it helps if you update social media sites as the events are happening.

I have a habit of checking my school email numerous times a day. Logging into a school computer for that drains a lot of time even for one thing you want to do.

People highly recommended I upgrade my “ancient” phone and explained how life is so simple having a smartphone. The problem is I don’t have that kind of money to drop on a smart phone or for monthly bills of at least 80 dollars.

With any smartphone, and soon every phone, you need to get a contract. The contract would state that you have to pay for a data plan which grants you access to the internet. Usually they are up to 2 years but a lot of money is involved to maintain a contract.

So over Winter break after researching, I found an alternative way to stay with technology and social media without the cost or hassle.

For Christmas, I got the latest Samsung galaxy player 4.0.It operates the same as the Samsung Galaxy phones but without text, calls, or a data plan. I did install textPlus but it does have its limits such as pay as you go for calling and 911 unavailable. I’m happy for now. I’m able to update my Twitter, take pictures on the spot and listen to music at the gym. The apps are addicting, and I’m trying new ones to see which are useful for me. The only downside is I have to carry two gadgets; for me, it’s fine. I just need to be more responsible.

My phone plan will be up when I graduate, and I know I’ll have to sign my life away on a data plan by then. I know people who are trying to avoid getting a phone with a contract, but it’s going to be the norm. Technology changes quickly, and you never know what will be introduced next.

There is a rumor going around now that Apple is creating a watch that also is a phone. After many times dropping and misplacing my phone, I’m going to put my money on that.