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How to Survive a Long-Distance Relationship

Long-distance relationships can be hard, whether you are a two hour drive away from each other or an eight hour flight, every couple can struggle to survive a long-distance from relationship. Personally, I have been doing long-distance with my boyfriend since August 2018 so I would like to think I have gathered a few tips on how to make the distance easier.

Firstly, and most importantly to a long-distance relationship, is communication. By communication this does not mean you have to Skype each other everyday, but you should still try and exchange messages on a daily basis. Moreover, when you know you are going to be having a busy day so cannot reply it is important to let your partner know this so they don’t think you are ignoring them or not giving them enough attention. This is especially important if you and your partner are in different time-zones. Speaking from personal experience my boyfriend is five hours ahead so if I have a late class it is important to say goodnight before the class starts as I know I won’t be able to talk to him again once class starts.

Additionally, utilise different forms of communication. WhatsApp and Messenger are great free services that allow you to talk to your partner so long as you have internet connection, but Skype and Snapchat are just as beneficial as you can actually see the other person when you are talking to them. This is obviously good as you can read your partners emotions more, but it is also nice to see the face of your partner. Try and start a snapstreak as a way to encourage a daily selfie. Likewise, utilising voice notes and having a phone call is also nice as you can actually hear the other persons voice.

Another tip would be to send each letters and gifts. It may be really old-fashioned to send a letter but it is far more romantic than sending a text message and can be a nice surprise to receive. Gifts are also great, especially around certain holidays, as they also show affection. They don’t have to be extravagant gifts but just something personal to give to your partner that will make them think of you. For example, I sent my boyfriend a Bloomsburg Hoodie.

Moreover, I think it is important to look forward to something when you’re in a long-distance relationship, whether that is counting down the days until one of you returns home or organizing a meet-up in the middle date as knowing that you will see each other again will help you power through the times when you miss each other most.

Keep your partner updated! This can be boring things like you had for breakfast, but more importantly letting them know you’re home safe from a night out. Especially if you are on a night out with people your partner does not know in a place you have never been before. This should be done to reassure your partner as you should still be able to go out and have fun even if they are not there.

Finally, I would say just be honest with each other. If you miss them, tell them. If you are finding the distance hard then tell them. It is crucial to have honest and open communication with your partner in order to make things work, especially if the long-distance does not have a close end date.

Overall, long-distance will be hard but if you can do it I genuinely think you will come out the other side as a stronger couple with great communication. It is not ideal, but sometimes it is better to drive hours on end to see someone than not see them at all.