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How to Enjoy Fall in Bloomsburg

Fall is a wonderful time of year. The leaves and fashion are changing, the weather is getting cooler and the tans are fading.

Students in Bloomsburg are often apt to celebrating fall with a variety of activities. However, many do not know where to find places to partake in these activities.

North East Pennsylvania offers many activities for this age group during the fall months, many of which are close in proximity to Bloomsburg.

Below is a collection of fun fall activities to check out this season.

Kohl’s Stony Hill Tree Farm:

Kohl’s is a great place to go if you are looking for simple fall activities with a beautiful setting in the mountains. It is located in Milton, PA which is only a short drive up 80.

They offer a corn maze for $8, a large selection of pumpkins, pumpkin and apple slingshots, hayrides and a variety of food and beverages.

Gabriel Schneck, a senior at Bloomsburg University states, “I’ve been to Kohl’s every year since I have come to Bloom. I like taking my girlfriend into the corn maze and trying to lose her. I think it’s funny, but she thinks it’s terrifying. That’s kind of what Halloween is all about.”

The attractions are open every weekend through Nov. 1, and college students can easily make a day trip out to the farm.

Kohl's Stoney Hill Tree Farm
Kohl’s Stony Hill Tree Farm

Knoebels Hallo-Fun Weekends:

Knoebels is known for family fun in the summer, but during October the park turns into a spooky playground for people of all ages.

Rides still operate as the park is transformed into a not so scary Halloween world for kids and adults alike to enjoy.

During the weekends, tickets may be purchased to ride all of the rides and participate in “gentle” haunts to get your scare fix. There is no general admission to enter the park, making it very affordable for students to participate.

Susquehanna University student Brandon Walls says, “Knoebels is so much better when it gets colder out. The lines are way shorter and there are not as many people there. Plus, you’re not sweating while waiting in line like you do in the summer.”

For more information visit: http://www.knoebels.com/

The park is definitely a fan favorite for natives of the area, and an affordable choice for students as well.

Knoebels haunted house
Knoebels Haunted House

Rohrbach’s Farm Market:

Rohrbach’s is just a 15 minute drive over the bridge into Catawissa and has the best selection of fall activities around.

Their annual fall festival gathers crowds from all over to celebrate the season with apple cider, great food and pumpkins.

Rohrbach's Farm Market
Rohrbach’s Farm Market

The corn maze is priced at a reasonable $8 and offers its participants hours of getting lost in the maze. BU student, Ashley Miller, shares her tale of the corn:

“I was not able to find my way out for over 2 hours! It was getting pretty crazy, because we had to take out our phones to use for flashlights because it was getting dark. But overall we had a great time, even though we cheated and cut through the corn to get out.”

After finding your way through the maze, you can enjoy a hot or cold glass of the farm market’s homemade apple cider. A variety of food stands are readily available to satisfy any appetite as well.

A hayride also waits to take you up to their pay by the pound pumpkin patch, which also features a petting zoo, playground and pumpkin chunking. Nothing takes away the stress of school like slinging a pumpkin through the air at dangerous speeds to hit a target.


Centralia is the infamous “burning town” that has been ablaze in a mine fire since the early 70’s. Almost all of the town’s occupants have been since evacuated, but a few families still remain.

An eerie feeling is cast when you cross the town line and find nothing but NO TRESSPASSING signs and a few worn down houses.

A boulder with graffiti welcomes you to enter the Graffiti Highway, which boasts artwork from previous visitors.

Be sure to bring a can of spray paint to add some artwork to the two mile abandoned highway and wear walking shoes to explore the abandoned town.

This place is not strictly a fall activity, but the spookiness of it all adds to the chills that fall may bring.

Graffiti Highway

Whether you are looking for a night out with friends or a perfect fall date night, all of these options are sure to please.

Grab your scarves and boots and go out to enjoy fall!




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