Halloween Legends: The King George Inn

 There is a restaurant in Allentown, PA named The King George Inn that people believe is haunted by several ghosts. One ghost is a man named Charlie. He bothers people in the kitchen and moves things around. Another ghost is a women and her young child, who people have heard crying. They have been seen in and around the basement, along with a man who wears Revolutionary War type clothing. The King George Inn was built in the mid 18th century during the French and Indian war. The Allentown Ghost Trackers claim The King George Inn as one of the cities best and oldest haunted places. Today, it is still a popular restaurant and tourist attraction.

My two close friends, Gina and Lori, both worked at The King George Inn. They have each witnessed some very strange things inside the restaurant. Lori worked there for about 15 years witnessing some pretty creepy things. She told me that one time she went into the wine cellar, where there is an empty water well, and she could hear a baby’s cry coming from the well. The owner of the restaurant told Lori that back around when the restaurant was first built a woman threw her baby into the well.


Gina also experienced a very strange encounter at the restaurant one night while she was waitressing. The owner of the restaurant just lost his wife in a tragic accident and a few of his close friends were at the restaurant that night after the funeral. The restaurant was closed to all other customers for the night. The restaurant had a somber look to it. The lights were very dim and there was a lit candle on every table. The night was going well, until eventually the wife of the owner was brought up in a conversation. While everyone was talking about her all of the candles were blown out, and no one was around them. Everyone there saw it, and immediately got startled. The night then was brought to an end and everyone went home. No one ever found out what happened to the candles that night.

Something I found ironic about the employees of The King George Inn is that they absolutely love Halloween. They will decorate the restaurant and all dress up in extravagant homemade costumes for the night. Lori loved this night of work and she always had the craziest costumes. Her last Halloween there was pretty weird. Everyone knew she was leaving for a new job and it was her last Halloween so they all tried to make it a great one. No one wanted Lori to leave, but they understood she had too. She said the night started off well, until the dinner rush came in. She said everything started to go wrong. The food wasn’t coming out right, and she kept dropping everything. As soon as she put something down, she would lose it. Lori is not the type of person to play tricks on and when she asked the other employees if they were fooling with her they swore they weren’t. Lori was beyond frustrated that she had to go home early because nothing at all was going right. When she got out to her car, her car wouldn’t start. She ended up getting a ride home from a friend and went back in the morning for the car and it started right away. It was almost like the ghosts of The King George Inn didn’t want her to leave since she worked there so long. To this day she still asks her friends whom she worked with at the time if they were messing with her and they still swear not.

Lori and Gina both left The King George Inn and have new jobs. They said they still get the chills when they are inside the restaurant.