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Halloween Do’s and Don’ts


  • Dress up!
  • Go out and party
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Eat some candy (But not from strangers)
  • Decorate your house
  • Be creative and original with your costume
  • If you’re giving out candy, be the cool house with full-sized candy bars
  • Play Thriller and learn the dance
  • Try to scare some people
  • Enjoy yourself and have fun!



  • Don’t walk alone
  • Don’t dress in a costume that would offend someone, like Trayvon Martin
  • Girls, I know it’s Halloween, but don’t dress too slutty
  • Don’t get so wasted that you ruin the fun for your friends who will end up having to take care of you
  • If you live in town, don’t leave your lights on if you don’t have candy to give out.
  • If you’re giving things out to the trick-or-treaters, don’t be those people who give out toothbrushes and fruit.