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Halloween 2010: Tips for Success

Halloween is always a fun time. It gives people the chance to have fun, let loose, have a good time and express themselves in whatever way they wish. Halloween this year falls on a Sunday. In just three short weeks the month will be coming to a close and people of all ages will be getting ready for the festivities. So, what is everyone going to be wearing? What are some of this season’s top picks for costumes? Where can you go to get the costume you want and still have some cash left over? These questions and more can and will help you to have the best Halloween ever!
As you all know being a pumpkin or a bat for Halloween, are very boring and overused costume ideas. This year it seems as if people are going for the “unique” costumes that will catch everyone’s attention. Some of the top sellers this far according to www.costumekingdom.com is the “Snooki” attire, the well-know personality from the MTV hit-show, “Jersey Shore.” With the debut of Toy Story 3 out earlier this year, Woody is another great costumer idea. Other costume ideas include Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, or Avatar, a major money maker in the box office. It seems as if all the events that go on throughout the year can be portrayed in the form of a great Halloween costume.

There are many internet sites that offer decent quality Halloween costumes for a reasonable price. Some sites that have a high percentage for customer satisfaction are:
• www.halloweencostumes.com
• www.costumekingdom.com
• www.spirithalloween.com
• www.halloweenexpress.com

MTV's Hit, "Jersey Shore" has sparked this great costume. The "Snooki" wig can be purchased for under $22.95 from www.costumekingdom.com

Many retail locations also provide a special section around this time of year dedicated to Halloween costumes. With the high price of shipping it is sometimes even cheaper to get your costume directly from the store. Another advantage to going to the store is that you will be sure that everything fits correctly and the way that you want it to. Also, there is an easier return policy in case anything would happen to go wrong. Some retailers to go to would include but are not limited to Wal*Mart, Target, Kohl’s, and especially Halloween stores that open up just for the season, one of which is located in the same shopping center as the Bloomsburg Wal*Mart.
Halloween stores will probably get you exactly what you are looking for, but you should look to spend a little bit more on the costume of your choice. As for the costumes purchased online, most of them range anywhere from $19.99 to $65.50 plus an additional cost for shipping and handling. If you are looking for a cheap route to your Halloween festivities than you can either choose a retailer like Wal*Mart or design your own unique costume that will attract some note-worthy attention.
These tips will definitely help you in finding some excellent possibilities. There is no need to stress; you still have 3 weeks to figure it all out. Use the resources that have been provided to start brainstorming for the big day. Good Luck and happy shopping!!

"Avatar", one of the biggest box-office phenomenons is still making money through the sales of Halloween costumes. This costume is another top pick from www.costumekingdom.com and sells for $54.95
My personal favorite is this interesting costume. The Plug and Outlet costume sells for about $60 at Target or at www.target.com. You are sure to draw some attention with this humerous and creative idea.