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Discovering new music

Google music was created with an amazing software that will not only give you music based on what type of music you buy, but also what music you listen to most. According to Google “All you have to do is sit back and listen while we do the work for”. Isn’t it supposed to be like that?

New way of listen to music

You add music to “cloud player”, some of you may be wondering what this is. Well it’s an amount of space on the internet just for you to store music on it and you’ll never have to take space up on your hard drive for music again (or until you fill the 20,000 song limit…). You can add any type of music on to this cloud and be able to listen to it anywhere you can get your hands on some internet and your device of choice, but now Google has made it possible to reach these files if you don’t have internet service. Maybe you’re on a flight to go see your “great” in-laws for the holidays and you wish you had some good music. Well, bam! Here you go. Did I mention you’ll never have to sync your devices? That’s a great plus because I always hated having to wait and sync my music to my device and it taking roughly and hour or so.

Share your music on Google+, every song and or album you have on your cloud you can easily share on Google+ with your friends. They get to listen to the song for free on Google+ and if they would like to buy it they can right on Google+ you don’t have to wait for another page to load or anything.

Follow this ink to take the little tour Google has set up for you!