To BUnow, the number five means more than just a prime number; it’s a reason for celebration. This year marks the five year anniversary of Over the past five years, BUnow has grown tremendously and is continuing to grow day by day. From the PASSHE Collegiate Media Summit, to presentations in New York City, BUnow has a lot to celebrate. In such a short period of time, BUnow means a lot more to me than just ‘a meeting at 7 o’clock.’ It is because of BUnow that I have guidance and determination to succeed in what has become more than just a creative outlet. With being in the spirit of the number five, I took it upon myself to gather a couple different items that also benefit from the number five.

Fingers on one hand

Toes on one foot

The Spice Girls



The Olympic Rings

Five bars on AT&T Service

     Five points on a single star

Basketball starting lineup

Congratulations, BUnow on a terrific five years, and here’s to five more.