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Ghosts Goblins and Ghouls; Oh My!

Halloween is right around the corner and everyone knows it. It is hard not to get into the Halloween mood when the air becomes crisp, the talk of carving pumpkins and the Halloween parties and costumes are all the buzz. Even TV stations are getting into the Halloween spirit, playing  Halloween movies such as 13 nights of Halloween on ABC Family.

This craze is not only taking over the nation, but it is taking over Bloomsburg! A quick trip to Wal-Mart will reveal the number one Halloween essentials. Several isles have been dedicated to the mixed bags of candy, perfect for trick-or-treaters. Just looking through all the amazing treats is enough to give you a sugar rush! Also, pumpkin scented air fresheners are available and add to the total chaos that Halloween has created.

Back on campus, Halloween fever is spreading just as rapidly. You can enjoy a tasty desert of pumpkin ice cream from the Commons and check out the decorations taking over the residence halls. With one quick glance down the fourth floor of Elwell you will find yourself stopping to take a look around. A quick peak through one of the open doors will reveal spooky window clings, orange lights, and hanging pumpkin lanterns, but this is just the beginning. Many have gone all out and have transformed their doors into a Halloween Portal. Decorated with spider webs, “danger” tape, orange and black tinsel, cut outs of black cats, ghosts and witches! These rooms get your heart racing and your blood running black and orange.

It is time for Halloween and you never know where the goblins, ghosts and ghouls will be hiding! Happy Halloween!