Bloomsburg University is the home to 8,689 students, including myself, Tom Cummings. It is a place that I have been able to call home, and create endless memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. As the end of my senior year approaches, I’ve done a lot of reflecting back on my time here as a student.

My academic career began in the summer of 2017. I remember dreading having to spend my time going to school in the summer when I should be back home spending time with my highschool friends. I would soon find out that would end up being the best summer of my life. I met plenty of great people, and created many friendships that I still have to this day. Not only did being in the summer program help me make friends that would transfer into my freshman year, but it also helped me familiarize myself with the campus as a whole before the first day of classes.

Freshman year was something I was eager and excited to start. My first day of classes began with something every college student dreads, an 8 a.m. lecture. I was never a morning person, and this made getting up for class even more difficult. As the school year went on, and classes continued, I found myself falling behind in my studies. Being on my own was a shock for me since this had been the first time I was experiencing this. I knew then that it was time to refocus on the true reason I was at college, to get an education and a degree.

Sophomore year was the beginning of reality hitting that after college I need to be an adult with a career I enjoy. While in early Sophomore year I declared as a Marketing and Sales major, I realized soon after that wasn’t the right path for me. Later Sophomore year is when I changed my major to Mass Communications. This felt like the perfect fit for me as a student.

All was going well until Junior year came to an abrupt end when COVID-19 hit, and sent students to virtual learning. This unfortunately would carry into my final year at Bloomsburg, putting me where I am today, at home in Scranton taking classes from my dining room table. When I reflect back on my time here, I always wish that I could have finished my last years of college in a classroom. As my time comes to a close, I realized that instead of dwelling on what could have happened, I should cherish the timeless memories I do have at this great school that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.