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Finding a Needle in Haystack vs. Finding a Job Post-college

It’s “finding a needle in a haystack.”

Most are familiar with what this phrase means; it usually insinuates that whatever you’re discussing is going to be a difficult, and in some cases even impossible, task. Have no fear though! With firm confidence I can say finding a job post-college will not be impossible, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be tough. 

Let’s break it down. Finding a needle in a haystack will require some sort of game plan. I would imagine that one would strategize the best ways to go about it to ensure success. 

Finding a job post-college is, strangely, a similar process. Speaking from experience, it will be difficult to find a job without preparation. You cannot graduate and expect the perfect job to fall right in your lap. 

Here are some of my most valuable tips for finding a job post-college:

Build your resume.

Your resume is going to be one of the first impressions you will make on recruiters and hiring managers, so it is vital that your resume is clear-cut, professional and highlights your experience and skill set. Click here to learn how to create a professional resume.

One word: connect.

Connect with people on LinkedIn: peers, professors, previous bosses and family. The more connections you have, the more opportunities you will be presented with. 

Research companies, organizations, and businesses.

Having background information on different companies that you can envision yourself working for will help to tailor your job search. 

Don’t be afraid of rejection.

It can be easy to become discouraged when you’re sending out applications, going on interviews and not exactly getting the news you were hoping for in return. Remember that at one point in time everyone has been in your position. Everyone has been through the process of getting their first job so keep your head up! 

Credit: TLNT

As for finding a needle in a haystack, we will have to tackle that topic another time. The point is that finding a job post-college is something that requires focus and determination. The good news is…

it’s most definitely not impossible.