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Fall into Autumn: Part 2

As promised, here are numbers six through ten of my ultimate fall favorites. Last time I touched on corn mazes, piles of colorful leaves and toasty sweaters. In this installment, it’s time to get serious. We are going to talk about hockey and Hocus Pocus. So without further adieu, may I present the conclusion to the top ten things in autumn.

6. Farmers’ Markets
Fresh fruits and veggies? Yes please! There is nothing more delicious than a drop of homemade honey in your cup of earl gray at the end of a long day. Nothing tastes as crisp and juicy as an apple picked from a tree the same day it is delivered to you. I am not a huge apple fan, but during autumn I crave at least one of those nectarous orchard fresh pomes. Lately, I’ve taken to picking the apples that require two hands to hold, so scrumptious. I also thoroughly enjoy whipping up a homemade meal for my friends. So when I spot all the fixings for savory fall soup or stew, I snatch them up and get to slicing and dicing. A home cooked meal doesn’t just warm your body; it warms your soul (okay, I am done with the guru quotes).

7. Fall Sport
I am a very dedicated hockey fan. My best friend and I are already set to attend a Flyers game in November (we planned this when the weather still called for flip-flops and sunblock). Hockey season is fantastic! Everyone gets so hyped up when his or her team plays. You can walk around campus and see which team students support by what team’s jersey they are wearing on game day.
The same goes for football fans. I’ve always wanted to understand football, and after many people promising to teach me and never following through, I finally sat down with a cold one and my phone open to a football glossary and watch an NFL game. It’s a bit nerdy, but I am hooked. I now understand all the fuss!
Let’s not forget that homecoming is during the glorious season of fall as well. School spirit cloaks the campus in maroon and gold. A procession of students and faculty meandered throughout the streets of Bloomsburg and our football team kicks some major tushie! GO HUSKIES!

8. Fall TV Shows
The majority of my favorite television shows reappear during fall. I love Zooey Deschanel and her quirky roomies in The New Girl. Then you have the action packed series Boardwalk Empire. I can’t wait to see what unfolds in that mess of mobsters this season. The little kid in me is stoked for Once Upon of Time to be back, and it is not just because I think Hook is a total hottie. The whole BAMF princess thing draws me in every time.

9. ABC Family’s 13 Days of Halloween
Ever since the network first introduced this 13 daylong television event, I have been hooked. They play the best classic Halloween themed movies every October. How can you go wrong with that?! Before its existence, I’d rent two movies in particular to get me into the spirit of Halloween; Hocus Pocus and Casper: The Friendly Ghost. Now that movie stores are all but obsolete, it is nice to know that my favorites will air on TV. I plan on being curled up on my futon for both movies, and God help anyone who tries to tear me away.

10. Bonfires
I don’t know if this is the country in me, or if others actually do this, but fall time bonfires are positively magical. You get to wear those cozy sweaters and sleek leather boots, while sipping on a seasonal micro-brew and chilling out with your best buds. Someone brings the wieners to roast, while someone else brings along all the makings for s’mores. Pump the sound up on some catchy tunes and you have the makings for a night to remember.
May I suggest throwing your autumn shindig on Oct. 21 or Nov. 16? On those nights, not only can you unwind outside during the best season, but you can also observe a meteor shower.

According to the calendar, the season of fall started on Sept. 22 this year, but everyone knows that autumn really started when Starbucks started serving pumpkin spiced lattes again. Enjoy this beautiful season to the fullest this year; carve a pumpkin, lose your friend in a corn maze, and catch a glimpse at a few shooting stars. Before we know it, winter will roll in and all we will want to do is hide inside under the blankets.