How About “Election Energy”; as an Alternative Fuel?

Waking up on that cloudy but comfortable day, I could feel the energy of the campus before even looking out the window. Tuesday, nothing could stop the masses of students and professors of Bloomsburg University from voting in the 2008 Presidential Election.

Looking at my phone for missed calls and messages all I saw was, “Vote Obama,” or “Did you vote?” or “When are you goin’ to vote?” The excitement of the students made me want to get more into the heads of those that were voting on that historic day.

Walking down the hall, I found that one person in my dorm voted already. Freshman Shavonne Mathis voted for the first time and was excited to tell me. “Oh my God, Nae, I voted,” said Shavonne. “I really think Obama is going to win. A lot of people were talking about him today.” Getting more excited to see how others felt, I quickly walked around campus a little more to get the scoop on how the voters felt.

Looking around I saw two girls walking with McCain buttons on their shirts and bags. I had to ask them how they felt to be McCain supporters on a mostly Obama campus. Susan Walker, very interested in politics and a Republican ever since she could vote, said that she thought McCain had a chance. “Although Obama has been leading the election, McCain has been right behind him. Who knows he just might win.”

Getting excited because I have not yet voted myself, I basically ran to the Kher Union where our local voting polls were at. When I got there, I could feel the energy of everyone in line waiting to vote. As for many of us this was our first time voting, but even for those who did this before thought this was the most important election. It was definitely history in the making.