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Dunder Mifflinites are Worth Their Weight in Gold

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “epic” as extending beyond the usual or ordinary. That’s right, the epicness of last season’s opening episode of The Office, “Fun Run” will more than likely never be reached again.

But that doesn’t mean that last week’s first show, “Weight Loss” was something to forget about. In fact, it was worth the weight. (Couldn’t resist.) The plots, the characters and the comedy continued the momentum it left off at last spring.

When corporate gave its branches the mission to lose the most weight collectively as a staff in exchange for three vacation days, some took the task seriously, some not so seriously, and some too seriously. Kelly, for example, reverted to a maple syrup, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and water cleansing diet which eventually caused her to pass out right off the scale. It’ll be worth it when she’s in that bakini though.

The weight loss mission prompts Dwight drive Phyllis five miles from the office and push her out of his car in the bad part of town so she could walk back. “Yea, I took your purse. What are you worried about? You look great!” said Dwight.

A call to corporate manager, David Wallace ensued, and high tensions were eased and self-image problems were addressed by a healthy weight-loss strategy business meeting, led by Michael “Klump” Scott. Moral: Pigs are beautiful.

Deleriousness must have ensued from cutting calaries and sugar because the antics of the Dunder Mifflinites were at an all-time high as several of them pursue their love interests. Michael continues to hit things off with new Human Resource Manager, Holly until the end of the episode when he chooses to make a point by tearing up two Counting Crows tickets rather than invite her to go with him. Dwight and Monkey (AKA Angela) repeatedly sneak down to the wearhouse whenever she pages him for a booty call, while poor Andy is committed to planning the wedding of Angela’s dreams. While Andy is willing to work with Angela’s picky taste, the line is crossed when she refuses to have his college a capella group provide the reception music. One thing is made for sure though – Whoever the band is will be playing “Little Drummer Boy” for the married couple’s first song. Meanwhile, Phyllis is shaking up the Party Planning Committee, taking over Angela’s position.

The inevitable finally happens when Jim and Pam meet half way between Scranton and New York to a gas station and he proposes. Many that I have talked to say this is the beginning of the end of the storyline and that they should have dragged out their pre-engagement a bit longer. I feel that Pam being in New York for art school for a few months, though, forces us viewers to get used their relationship being a little “different” ffrom now on before they make the big jump. Baby steps.

Tonight’s episode, get this, is called “Business Ethics.” The title itself suggests extreme (epic?) humor as Michael and the Scranton Branch repeatedly violate tradition ethics, keeping former HR manager, Toby, on his toes.

Holly will be leading her first meeting, and Michael is mentoring her to lead a “fun” meeting. She takes his suggestion to open up with a song and dance routine, “Let’s Get PhysicalEthical” in sweatbands. Michael will continue to be allured by her high level of dorkiness as his strategy is to “merge their friendship into a relationship – without her even noticing it.”

Gasp Factor: So what’s the deal with Pam’s new friendat art school? There seems to be a spark between her and her classmate. Could viewers get more of the relationship drama between Jim and Pam they’re wanting instead of a smooth sailing engagement? Watch this Thursday night on NBC at 9pm.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: I would like to  apologize to anyone who read this review/preview last week and had the impression that The Office, episode two would be on last Thursday.  Due to the vice presidential debate being aired, the second episode will be on this Thursday, October 9 at 9pm.