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#DontJudgeMe Challenge….Just Stop

We are all familiar with challenges that sweep social media, and most actually will grab positive attention for others to learn about different causes. For example, the ALS ice bucket challenge that grew into a HUGE trend. Then the most ridiculous like the Kylie Jenner lip challenge…STUPID! And now, the #dontjudgemechallenge. This challenge is the most ridiculous yet!

If you haven’t seen it, simply scroll through your timeline on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook at really any hour of the day and I’m sure you’ll see several videos of it. According to Australia News more than 150,000 people have used the hashtag for the challenge. For those who haven’t seen it, here’s an example.

So pretty much its drop dead gorgeous people making fun of others insecurities such as acne, glasses, unibrow, bad teeth, crazy hair, etc. Then all of the sudden they put their hand in front of the screen and BOOM they’re “perfect.” What message does this challenge send?

It clearly states that impurities aren’t attractive, and that in order to look flawless you can’t have blemishes, braces, glasses and so on. As you scroll through social media you see negative comments alongside of the numerous videos.

In an article by Australia News, it includes a quote from a Twitter user which says, “the dontjudgechallenge thing is the most stupid thing, it’s just attractive people with marker on their face: saying hey I’m attractive.”

I won’t lie, when I first saw the videos of the challenge I was slightly interested to see how others did it and how some reacted. After a few videos I was just disgusted. I do understand that we should not judge a book by its cover, but how does making yourself look ‘ugly’ by adding impurities then showing up perfect have anything to do with this idea?

I thought about how I would partake in this, if I ever for some reason chose too. I’d let my hearing aid show, my natural crazy hair and my natural skin with no cover up. Why? Because that’s who I am, and if others choose to judge me based off how I look without all the effort, that’s okay!

I really hope that people don’t take this challenge seriously, because it’s beyond ridiculous. Everyone is beautiful in their own individual ways. We don’t need to have flawless skin, teeth and hair to be beautiful .



Kendyl Galbraith

My names Kendyl. I'm a senior at Bloomsburg University. I am studying Mass Communications with a track in Public Relations. I'm a big supporter of our Bloomsburg Huskies athletics especially basketball and lacrosse!