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The Best Guns for Women

As a hunter and a woman, I feel it is important for any women to be able to use a gun accurately and efficiently.  It’s a great tool to have and you never know when you might need to use it.  Women are more prone to getting attacked on the streets or in their own home, but having the knowledge and ability to use a gun could save your life.  The first thing each woman should figure out is which gun suits them the best.  You should pick a gun that is comfortable to handle and something you feel confident using.

"Smith & Wesson 357 Magnum Revolver"
"Smith & Wesson 357 Magnum Revolver"

Personally, there are two guns that I would recommend for women ages 18 and up to use.  The first gun is a Smith & Wesson 357 magnum revolver.  This gun would be beneficial for women of a more muscular stature because of the guns power.  It can take a toll on your wrists, but it is extremely accurate and easy to load.  There is no safety catch on revolvers, so this gun needs to be handled with great amounts of care and responsibility.  Don’t be worried about the gun shooting accidentally because the trigger needs a firm, positive, long squeeze for the gun to fire.  This is a great gun to own and the price can range from $550-$4,000.  I would recommend having this gun in a home setting.  However, it is a lot bigger than most guns designed for woman, so carrying it in a purse would be a disadvantage.

"Smith & Wesson Centennial 442 or 642CT Airweight"

If you want a gun suitable for carrying around in public you would want to go with my second choice for women.  A Smith & Wesson Centennial 442 or 642CT Airweight, it is extremely powerful, light weight and easy to conceal.  It has less damage on the body and would benefit woman who are more petite. The cost of this gun can vary, but you can purchase one for around $500.

Having a gun in your home or concealed when you are walking around is not a bad idea.  Some people do believe that it is dangerous, but as the old saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry.  To avoid any mistakes or accidents, once you have figured out which gun you would like to purchase, you should be properly taught how to use it.  Most towns have a local gun club that you can join and they can teach you the basics, also a gun savvy family/friend can help as well.

While nothing can replace actual practice, there are a couple beginner basics I could point out for you.  First, you want to make sure that your gun is NOT loaded unless absolutely necessary.  Most accidents happen when people do not remember if the gun was last loaded.  Before doing anything open up the cylinder and see if there are any bullets inside.  This will make for a safer environment for yourself.
"An unloaded cylinder"

After you have checked your gun, the next thing you want to learn is how to hold it.  For woman, it is harder to have a strong grip because our hands are typically smaller so our fingers wont overlap other fingers, but do not get discouraged.  If you are right hand dominant, you want to make sure your hand is comfortable but firmly placed on the grips on the gun.  Then with your left hand, you will over lap your fingers and interlock your thumbs.

Once you have a strong grip on the gun you are ready to find a strong stance that gives you the balance and support you need to shoot accurately and efficiently.  Some people like having one leg in the front and one in the back, they think it will give them better balance.  Personally, I prefer to have my feet shoulder-width apart at a parallel stance with my knees slightly bent.  I feel powerful and ready to shoot at any moment.  Make sure you are leaning slightly forward.  Leaning back will only cause you to lose balance and make an inaccurate shot.  I also prefer my elbows to be locked, it keeps my gun under control and it makes it easier to fire multiple times because the gun will not move a lot.

"Strong stance, ready to fire"


Now that you have the basics you are ready to shoot.  The last piece of advice I have for any shooter is, until you are ready to shoot do NOT put your finger on or near the trigger.  Keep it straight on the outside of the trigger and rest it there until you are ready to fire.  This will keep you safe and give you time to find your target without the accidental firing of the trigger.  You should be in control at all times!

I strongly encourage any woman to learn how to use a gun.  You never know when you might need the knowledge and it is better to be safe than sorry.  I hope this article helps all woman understand the basics of gun control and safety.