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Does Samsung make a point with its anti-Apple ad?

It doesn’t take a genius to know that Apple and Samsung have been rivals in the smartphone industry for some time.

A few days ago, Samsung launched a series of ads on YouTube for its upcoming Galaxy Note 4 smartphone.

“It doesn’t take a genius” is Samsung’s new slogan for the ad campaign. In these ads, Samsung pokes jabs at Apple by joking about the new iPhone 6/6+ and iWatches, which were just announced a few days ago.

Samsung finds the opportunity to make fun of Apple’s new “innovative” features, which were apart of Samsung for some time now. They also show features that Apple doesn’t have such as the S Pen and Multi-window feature.

This isn’t the first time Samsung has mocked Apple. They teased Apple’s fan base in their Samsung Galaxy 2 and Galaxy 3 Ad a while back.

For both commercials, Samsung had their videos poking fun at the die-hard Apple fans waiting in line for a new iPhone. The Galaxy 2 commercial was showcasing their screen and how much bigger and better it was.

The Galaxy 3 commercial, however, was an obvious attack on Apple fanatics. In it they would have actors and actresses do over exaggerated impressions on how Apple fans behave during launch.

Samsung isn’t the only company to have taken jabs at Apple in the recent years. Microsoft and even Amazon participated in fueling the competition.

The recent video has gotten some backlash from YouTube users, and disappointment from online journal sites such as Macworld, The Verge, and Time.

Macworld has stated that:

“Reactions to the advert have been mixed, with YouTube users describing it as ‘desperate,’ ‘merciless,’ ‘awful,’ ‘relentless,’ ‘low level,’ and ‘childish.’”

Samsung has made some valid claims about Apple with some of its features not being up to par. Apple was once way ahead of the market when it introduced the first generation iPhone and iPad.

Google’s Android OS has been growing steam these past years, introducing new features, and constantly updating.

Apple has been constantly behind on features that Android phones already had. They have now taken the role of following the lead.

In the end, it does not matter though. Apple knows its market. Apple is known to cut down on features in exchange for simplicity for people who don’t want to customize, and the not so tech savvy.

The recent shipping delays of the new Apple products support this claim. Some iPhone 6 buyers are expected to wait up till a month to expect their phones to arrive.

At the end of the day, these types of marketing campaigns only fuel “fan wars” and negativity. Apple was even guilty of these marketing strategies with their Mac vs. PC ads, and they were met with similar responses.

There is a possibility that Apple is aware it doesn’t have as many new feature as Samsung and knows it doesn’t need them to be successful. Apple knows its market and consumers will continue to swarm to it.

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