Clear nail polish is an essential item that almost every girl has sitting on her vanity, buried in her nail polish collection, or hidden in her disastrous accumulation of beauty products. This product is so much more than a simple top coat for nail polish, though—it can help fix an array of problems. I know so far this article sounds like it’s just for girls, but, don’t worry, there are some problems clear nail polish can fix that are not all related to beauty:

  1. Clear nail polish can be used on window screen tears.

Just dab it onto the tear and it will prevent the tear from growing.

  1. It can help prevent splinters.

Do you have a piece of wooden furniture that has some splinters waiting to happen? Put some clear nail polish on it, and it can prevent snagging.

  1. You can use it to seal envelopes.

For those of you who do not want to lick envelopes to seal them, try painting on clear nail polish as a substitute.

  1. It can keep buttons and shoelaces in place.

Paint some polish onto buttons and it will help secure them, so you don’t have to worry about finding and sewing on a new button if one looks like it’s about to fall off. Putting clear nail polish on the ends of shoelaces will keep them from fraying—this can be done to rope too.

  1. Speaking of sewing, it can help speed up the process of threading a needle.

Dip a piece of thread into some clear polish, and it will help you get it through the needle more easily, saving you a lot of time.

  1. It can help prevent rust rings.

Put some clear nail polish on the bottom of those metal bottles you keep in your bathroom and you’ll be saved from getting those ugly, difficult to remove rust rings.

  1. Clear nail polish can stop you from losing the tiny screws in glasses.

Losing those tiny screws in your glasses might be one of the worst feelings—okay, maybe not one of the worst, but it’s definitely annoying. Painting clear polish on the screws will help keep them in place.

  1. Have a tiny crack in your windshield? Clear nail polish can help this.

Similar to the window screens, putting polish on a crack in a windshield can help prevent from further cracking.

  1. It can stop tears in tights from running.

Another similar concept. Girls, you know that dreaded moment when you put your feet through your tights and you discover a hole? Great, now I have to throw these out and buy yet another pair, most of us think. If the hole is subtle or you don’t mind rocking it, you can dab some clear nail polish on the hole, which will prevent it from running.

  1. It can protect your fingers from turning green due to tarnishing rings.

Most of us have that one ring we absolutely love, but it isn’t the highest quality, causing it to create a green ring around your finger. You can save your finger from this unfortunate occurrence by painting clear nail polish onto your ring. This will act as a barrier between your finger and the ring; you can now wear that ring without getting that ugly mark.

Who knew clear nail polish could do all of this? Hopefully I got some guys to read this entire article. A little bit of clear nail polish can go a long way, so next time you get mad at the women in your life for having too many beauty products, think about clear nail polish and how it can be used for so much more. Who knows what other beauty products can do.