Chipotle Now Delivers

Pizza places deliver, Chinese places deliver, and now you can even get Mexican food delivered to your door. How much better could life get?

According to USA Today, Chipotle is now offering delivery for online and mobile orders in 67 cities. Chipotle is not the only business starting a delivery service. Later this year, Starbucks will try delivering and Taco Bell is also interested in starting a delivery service.

Chipotle will be using Postmates, which is an app-based delivery service that works with private contractors. “It’s a fallout of the internet shopping world,” says Boston University professor Christopher Muller.

Chipotle’s delivery service is only available in states where Postmates operates. Bastian Lehmann, co-founder of San Francisco-based Postmates, says their service works with about 10,000 private contractors. Seventy-five percent of the orders will be delivered by car and the other 25 percent will be delivered by bike or scooter.

Deliveries will start at $5 if they are not within a one-mile radius and the price goes up from that starting value. So it could be  more expensive to get your burrito now, depending on where you are and how much you really want that burrito, but don’t feel like going out to get it. chipotle grill

This is really exciting. I love Chipotle; it’s my favorite burrito place, and even though the guacamole is about $2 extra, I still get it because what’s a burrito without guacamole? However, I don’t know how often I’d use the delivery service. I’m pretty cheap so I might just go out and get it. Do you think you would use it?

It would be awesome to have a Chipotle in Bloomsburg, don’t you think so? Let us know in the comments below.



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