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Campus Behaviors

I’m sure all of you have been irritated with things that people do while on campus, whether it directly involves you or not. You might not even be there while its happening, but just hearing about it from your friends makes you cringe. There’s a certain etiquette for almost every circumstance in life, not that they’re written down, but most are assumed to be known. So I’m here to make clear the do’s and don’ts of campus behavior that some may overlook from time to time.

PDA– It’s the timeless battle, single versus relationship. Most who are single hate those who flaunt their “love”, and most who are in relationships pity those who are alone. I’m here to say it doesn’t have to be one or the other. We should respect everyone’s choice. We do need to accept everyone, but we don’t need to see make out sessions before class, feeling up your significant other because it’s been a whole three hours

since you’ve seen each other naked, or what I like to call the “moving hug.” It’s when couples are so closely attached to each other walking through campus that it looks like they’re in a permanent hug. Whether you’re pro-single life or down with a ball and chain, respect what the other is comfortable with seeing and don’t partake in public displays of affection.

Too many questions– You’re sitting in class, what’s the one thing you want to do? Get out. And who’s there to make sure you stay until the last possible minute? The kid that asks too many questions. I find that this happens the most in three hour classes, or maybe I just notice it more because of how long the class is. Regardless of the class, it never fails. There’s always one kid who incessantly questions everything the teacher has to say. A funny way to deal with this is to make faces at everyone else in the class who is also annoyed, but that won’t get you out of class any faster. If you do this, you know who you are, you have to see the faces and hear the groans, so stop asking the same question one hundred times with expectations of a different answer.


Cigarette smoke in your face– Bloomsburg is on the side of a mountain. At some points, it feels like a 90 degree uphill to class. Most of the time, I count the walk to class as my workout for the day, and I know many of my friends do the same. Getting to class is hard enough, the last thing I need on my way there is to breathe in less oxygen and more smoke. I understand those of you who are smokers need your fix, life is stressful, I get it. But there are ways around pissing off the nonsmokers. One solution would be blowing the smoke up into the air, instead of right at face level. You can also hold your cigarette in your outside hand, so that the smoke doesn’t just hang around the sidewalk. I know those of us who don’t smoke and want to get to class without panting would greatly appreciate it.


Bloomsburg is a fairly large campus, and we should all try to make everyone’s college experience a little easier. So if you participate in any of the above actions, especially if you’re in my 6-9, please refrain. I promise the dirty looks will stop.