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Bundle up in Style this Winter

Although it may not seem like winter-weather some days in Bloomsburg, the season is quickly approaching; sometimes with bulkier clothing comes a higher price. With that being said, here are five fashion must-haves for the chilly season with a cheaper budget.
1. Bigger the better

oversized sweater

Did I really have to tell you about the oversized sweater? This is probably one of the biggest trends of winter. What’s more comfy than this article of clothing? H&M is a good place to go so you don’t have to spend too much. Sweaters average at just $20-30.


2. Scarves, scarves, and more scarves


Scarves go with pretty much any outfit, and that’s what makes them so great. Throw on a scarf with a cute outfit to embellish your look and also keep your neck nice and warm. Check out Forever 21 for this perfect accessory.


3. Parka please!


This coat is taking the fashion world by storm. I walked around campus today and saw about 10 people wearing theirs already. Look on any clothing site and I’m sure you’ll find yourself one of these attractive coats. Hollister has tons of different types of parkas for around $89, but if you’re looking for something more affordable, check out H&M (above picture) for just $50.


4. Can I have some shoes with those socks?


Wearing boots can only keep a girls feet so warm. Knee high socks or legwarmers are the perfect accessory to add a little something to your outfit. I have about five different pairs in my closet right now and I love being able to just throw them on to keep me warmer and intensify my outfit. You can basically find these anywhere but I found this awesome DIY to creating your own pair without having to spend any money.



5. Beanies for everyone!


When I was younger, hats were just something we picked out because we needed them to stay warm. That is also true for today, but who says we can’t be fashionable while wearing one? A cute beanie pulls together any outfit while keeping your head warm and cozy. Forever 21’s beanies and hats range from $5-10.


When looking for what colors to accentuate your outfit with try darker colors like maroon/burgundy or dark greys. Using these colors will make you stand out in the snow instead of blend in with it.