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Broke in Bloomsburg

Bloomsburg is home to many, permanent or temporary. It is home to people from different  towns, cities, states, and even countries. To some, it is a state school with reasonable tuition; to others who have an out-of-state address, costs can double. Regardless how much tuition you pay, and with the economy getting weaker everyday, it seems harder to have any sort of cash in your pocket.

Carl Bezick, an exercise science major, said he nearly could not afford to take classes this semester, even though he pays in-state tuition.

“In the summer I lived in Ocean City Maryland as a personal trainer and made an average of $40 an hour,” Bezick said. “Now it is just depressing to tell you how much I make here in Bloomsburg.”

Like many, Bezick’s parents do not pay for his education. He also has to pay for rent, groceries, car insurance, and other expenses that go along with life. “I just want to finish school, and get out of here and make the money that I deserve,” he said.

Janelle Golphin, a Bloomsburg senior, said the bar scene is not nearly as fun as it was when she was a junior.

“Almost any night of the week you could go to Good Old Days or Harry’s and it would be popping; now-a-days, not so much. People now would much rather buy a case of cheap beer, invite friends over and drink at home than spend money at the bar. I still go to the bar once or twice a week, but only after I have a few drinks in me. That way, that way I will not spend much at the bar.”

Golphin’s story is like many students here at Bloomsburg who would rather party with a select few to save money for the cell-phone bill, car payment, or simply to eat dinner.

The Food industry in Bloomsburg is still alive, but not as booming as restaurant owners would like. Now, many restaurants are trying to make drastic deals to entice people to come inside. Some use lunch specials giving away free sodas with a value meal, or coupons with a certain discount, half price appetizers after 8 or 9 p.m., combo meals, and many other ways to try and get customers. These bargains get the customers to walk through the door and order something, but do not guarantee a tip big enough for those waiters and waitresses to survive on.

Amanda Davis, a Bloomsburg senior is a server and said she hates everyday that she goes to work. Davis has chosen to leave her place of business anonymous for personal reasons.

“A couple will come in and order a meal that their original bill should be $30 to $40 in value, and then use a buy one-get-one-free coupon. That bill then changes to about $14 to $24 for the meal, and the tip that should be $6 to $8 is now $2 or $4, if I’m lucky. I look in the paper everyday for a new job and all that is ever requested are nurses. I am about to graduate, it would cost too much financially and time wise to change my major now.”

Davis plans to move to Philadelphia or almost any city where jobs are not as scarce when she graduates this spring.

Times are tough especially when you are a college student, but there are still many things that everyone can do to survive. There are coupons in the newspaper every Sunday. They are for cleaning supplies, food, makeup, and many other daily things. Get the fliers for the stores every week, they often have great deals, and you can also use the coupons from the Sunday paper. Find out when your favorite restaurant is having specials and plan on going at that time. Take a walk to class instead of driving, not only good for gas, but good exercise.

For students that are of legal drinking age, find out the drink specials at your favorite local bar and make sure you’re there early enough: They’re often over at midnight. Keep in mind that midnight in bar time is normally 11:45 p.m. Save electricity and turn off your computers, lights, televisions, and all other appliances when sleeping or not at home.

Bad habits are hard to break, but once you do it is always worthwhile. These are all little tips, but every little bit counts. Bloomsburg students are here to reach their dreams. Saving money just makes the dream a little easier to accomplish.

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