It seems everywhere you go, especially during Halloween;  there is a ghost story about that place. Bloomsburg University is no different.

While many people may argue which dorm is haunted, which is rumored to be Lycoming and Montour, there has never been any witnesses or  records of any sighting or contact with those who haunt.

For the Harvey A. Andruss library, which every student visits  at least once in their college career, that is just the opposite. Many students  have claimed to have run into a man on the fourth floor, usually asking if his  diaper could be changed, on some occasions he would do this more than once to a  specific student. Librarians and student workers have reported students
asking for someone to remove the man from the building, only to find no one  there.

Another interesting story is the ghost of The Haas Center. Rumor has it that a dance company performing there in the 1970’s had a séance and produced the spirit of a former dancer in the company named Ned. He continues to haunt the building today; some say they hear a man crying during productions.

And of course there is the Phi Sigma Sigma house, which  previously was the house of Delta Phi Epsilon. There have been numerous reports of paranormal activity stemming from the house. A 2007 pledge named Ashley  Ferrentino reported to The Voice:  “After I found out all the information about the Phi Sig house being haunted, I immediately grabbed my Ouija board. After a few minutes of asking questions about our house, I got random bits of information: the name Maggie and the year 1934.” Many Phi Sig sisters and DPhiE sisters who lived there have reported lights being turned off unexplainably, personal
items missing, radios being turned on, beds shaking uncontrollably and laughter coming from the kitchen. There have been some severe reports of being pushed and one sister claims she was woken with the feeling of someone above her, trying to choke her.

So maybe this Halloween, you might find out for yourself. Visit one of the sites that are haunted, see if you run into the spirits
yourself. Maybe you’ll have a story to tell to someone.