Bloom Students’ Most Awkward Moments Ever

Most people have a lifetime filled with awkward and embarrassing moments. Your reaction could either be to laugh about it or run away from the situation. Here are some of people’s most embarrassing, awkward moments.

“In the Commons, me and my two friends decided we wanted to sit in a booth on the left side. I got my food and was walking to the middle booth. I sat there and started eating. Turns out my friend was at a different table. Some random black guy came and sat down. He was looking at me like I was crazy, like ‘what’s this girl doing here?’”

“One night, I thought I was all cute, walking in front of the bus, and then I tripped on my long pants.”

“I farted during sex once.”

“In eighth grade, we were taking a trip. There were trees in the middle section on the school. My mom used to put my hair in a nice braid using a clip-on. The teacher told me my ponytail was stuck on the tree. So I look back, and my clip-on weave pony tail was off and stuck on the tree.”

“In middle school, my friend tripped me and I went sliding down the hallway.”

“One time I was at work and I opened the window and I thought I saw my two friends, so I yelled out ‘what’s up bitches?!’ But it turned out to be someone else and they just starred at me.”

“I fell off the bus, going to a party. I went down superman style and scrapped my knee in front of everyone.”

“I was waiting for the shuttle in the bus stop, it had been raining but I didn’t realize it. I sat down in some water in my light blue jeans, when I stood up, there was a giant wet mark on my butt.”

“I walked in on my friend’s roommate having sex.”

“I got walked in on while having sex.”

“One time, my guy friend, who I barely hang out with, invited me to go to a party with him, and told me to meet at his room. So I brought my friend and we went to his room in Elwell and there were other people that we didn’t know. They were pre-gaming and weren’t going to leave for the party for like another half hour. Me and my friend just stood there, with these random people. It was so awkward, we had to get out.”

“Freshman year, I woke up in the middle of the night to my roommate watching lesbian porn.”