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Bloom Probs

As you go through your days here at Bloomsburg University, things may be going smoothly and your classes may be going well, but you may also notice some problems with the university that make you stop and think “why?” or “what are they doing?” or even “that just doesn’t make sense.” For many people, these problems include:

  • There are way too many hills and steps.
  • There is a sign right before the quad that says “No Smoking Beyond this Point,” yet people continue to smoke on the quad. You end up stuck behind a smoker on your way to or from class, and the disgusting cigarette odor ends up smacking you right in the face.
  • The Scranton Commons changed its image so much, but the food itself is still the same and going there on the weekend sucks because there’s never anything good to eat. Plus they took away the trays, so it’s harder to gather all your food.
  • They waste money on unneeded renovations: there has been a rumor that the University is turning the games room in the Kehr into the bookstore, and turning the bookstore into more housing, and putting the games room in Luzerne. Others are saying that they will eventually knock down Old Science and Schuylkill.
  • They let in too many students than can fit. It’s always so crowded in places like the Commons or even the shuttles; the lines to get on the shuttle are super long.
  • The elevator in Montour is way too slow and Colombia elevator feels like it’s always breaking.
  • The JKA apartments do not have elevators and go up to the fourth floor, so anyone moving in and/or out has to carry all of their belongings up the steps.
  • They increased the price of laundry from $1.25 to $1.50.
  • People with priority scheduling always need up taking the classes that others need. Plus, it’s just hard to get into your major courses.
  • Only certain classes count toward the GEP, so say you have to take a language and if you choose Italian, you’d have to take both Italian 1 and Italian 2 because only Italian 2 counts towards your GEP, and you need the first one to learn the basics first.

Those are just a few; comment below and share some of yours!bloomu