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Bethany Mota: YouTube to Hollywood

All of the talk these days is over the recently discovered YouTube star Bethany Mota. From sunny Los Banos, Calif., she has been making YouTube videos ever since she was 15 years old in 2009. She first started making haul videos showcasing what she had bought from multiple stores and sharing her style. Later she also got into hair and makeup and shared even more of her Do-It-Yourself videos. In her DIY videos, she shows creative original ideas and how to make them with ordinary household items.

Bethany joined YouTube because of bullying at a young age. She attended public school from third through sixth grade but was homeschooled shortly after. YouTube was her escape mechanism to show the world what she was truly like and it has gained her many new followers. I’ve been watching her videos for three years now, and once you start watching them, you realize how much her energy spreads good vibes to everyone else.

Her YouTube success now totals to almost eight and a half million dedicated subscribers. Along with her fashion and beauty related videos, she also runs a YouTube channel where she posts vlogs, which are simply video blogs. On that channel, she posts anything from her daily activities to fun trips and vacations that she goes on. Bethany even has a video on her channel of her getting the chance to interview President Barack Obama.


Her fame really kicked off in Season 19 of “Dancing With The Stars.” She was partnered up with five-time champion Derek Hough. You could watch her grow as a person and a dancer all in one season of a show. My favorite dance of theirs was to the song ”Revolution” by Diplo. Bethany and Derek both complemented each other perfectly and made it to the finals, but did get eliminated, finishing in fourth place. Needless to say, though, that this experience exposed Mota to even more spotlight in Hollywood.

Life for Bethany now consists of traveling quite often on tours to meet her ‘Motavators .’ She continues to create clothing and accessory pieces for her line with Aéropostale. However, most importantly, she continues to motivate and inspire each person around her to do what he or she loves and never give up on the dreams they have. She can teach each and every one of us something valuable, and all you have to do is go watch some of her videos.

If you would like to follow Bethany and her adventures follow her social media accounts:

YouTube: macbarbie07
Vlog Channel: BethanysLife
Instagram: bethanynoelm
Twitter: BethanyMota

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