Everyone needs to let go of something. Many live their lives thinking about that certain something that drives them crazy. Life is too short to be anything but happy so we need to learn to let go.  Below is a list of the little things in life that need to be put aside to be happy.


1. Thinking of your ex:


We all do it and we need to stop. He or she is your ex for a reason.  Moving on is necessary to be happy especially if you’re attempting to start a new relationship. Going back and texting your ex is going to hinder starting a new life. You’ll compare the two and never get anywhere, trust me. Delete the number and move on. He or she probably did, so you should too.


2. Jealousy:


Being the green monster is never fun.  To be happy you should stop thinking about what others have and think about what you have. Nobody else’s possessions or people should affect your life. Love what’s yours and that’s that.


3. Excuses:


Stop making them. Find that internship today, not tomorrow. Your future matters more than drinking on a Thursday night, unless you’re attempting to be a socialite for the rest of your life, or a bum, it’s your choice. Chose to be happy and deal with issues in your life today instead of putting off till tomorrow.


4. The need for control:

Type A, I’m talking to you. To be happy you need to relinquish control. Having your hands in every situation is unnecessary, so you need to learn to delegate and sit back. Nobody likes a boss, stop being one. Allowing other people to step up will make you feel better and in turn make you happier.


5. The need to impress:


Stop looking for approval. The only person you need to do something for is yourself. Stop being someone you’re not. The people that love you for you are the people you need in your life. Figure that out and you’ll be a happier you. Happy people are the best people.


Giving up on these five things is a start to making your life a little bit easier and a little bit happier. Dwelling will make you mad. Smile and remember to be the best you possible. Happiness is one of the most attractive qualities you can have.