Back to school… already?! In a nutshell, you spent your five weeks of winter break binge watching Netflix, eating like royalty (compared to college food), sleeping all day, and maybe even making money. Sorry Bloomsburg University students, reality has most likely set in by this point and school work has hit you hard.

The first week back was a joke for most of us, we all know that. We spent our first week of classes half asleep listening to professors literally read off the syllabus, as if we couldn’t do that ourselves. If we’re being honest with ourselves, we were half asleep AND severely hungover. Syllabus week is meant for reuniting with your long lost college friends and reminding your liver what life at Bloomsburg is like.

Back to school 2

Apparently we need to be in class, so no more skipping? Syllabus week is over and Sunday night meant setting that alarm. Hopefully you all remembered how to set an alarm, since many of us had the pleasure of alarms being nonexistent over break.

BEEP… BEEP… BEEP. Oh, there’s the shuttle roaring through… yep, and the trash truck. You have thirty more minutes to sleep, but of course you’re up and can’t fall back asleep. You throw on whatever sweatshirt and sweatpants appears to be clean (somewhat) and half-ass brush your teeth.

back to school 6

Remembering to get to the shuttle on time or what time to leave your apartment is like remembering every element on the periodic table, next to impossible. On the shuttle and on your way to class you see tons of people. You do your best fake “Aw HEY,” to people you should remember but don’t. Every now and then you’ll see someone you actually missed, and that moment of being reunited is incredible.

You quickly notice as you return to your classes that someone has already taken the seat you assigned for yourself as you also pay attention to the select few attractive people in each class. You sit and contemplate why you’re in college… and why you weren’t just born rich.

back to school 4

Occasionally your professors ask you to introduce yourself to the class: name, year, major, and a fun fact. If you’re like most of us, we don’t really have a fun fact so we say something like, “I have two dogs,” or, “I went to Florida once.”

back to school 3

As usual, in every class there has to be that one person who seems to have found world peace while becoming famous for publishing eight books. Your accomplishments over break seem like nothing to others. On a positive note, your mom says you’re pretty cool- which counts, right?

In week one of real classes, you have three quizzes and four homework assignments. Where has winter break and syllabus week gone?! You’ve already spent five hours in the library but you know deep down that it’s really nothing compared to what’s coming.

back to school 7

Your resume… oh yeah. They always said you should join clubs. So you check out a few clubs then you realize you have to pay dues for several of them… forget that. Maybe you’ll join an intramural sport or run for CGA. One of the good things about Bloomsburg is there really is something for everyone.

Nothing has changed here at Bloomsburg, well aside of the school store and the University Police. The line at the Husky is always at its worst around noon and if you only have 20 minutes for lunch, skip Subway. The people in your major classes who drove you nuts last semester, don’t worry… they are still here.

To our parents, grandparents, annoying siblings—heck—even the mail lady at home: we miss you, take us back? We won’t eat all of your food and we might even wash a dish or two.