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Artist, Songwriter, Producer, Director- Dave Patten

The music industry has become so mainstream these days that unsigned artists struggle to be heard. Even possessing raw talent for music still doesn’t help break down the impenetrable barrier into the entertainment world. I want to share with you an artist that I believe deserves some recognition.

In the pursuit for different music, a friend suggested Dave Patten to me. After listening to one song I was immediately hooked. His rock-style voice mixed with various instruments and guitar chords is different from anything else out there. On top of his vocal talent, every instrument you hear on his albums is played by Patten-guitar, bass, piano, drums, and even strings. Patten has a strong presence on YouTube with over 15 million views combined on his 17 music and video trailers. He also has five music videos on rotation at MTV.

Patten, a 2010 graduate from Temple University, hails from the Philadelphia Area. Earning a bachelor’s degree in film, Patten not only creates his own music but also runs his own film company, South9 Entertainment, with his business partner David Ricks. In an effort to learn more about Patten, I emailed him. He took time out of his busy schedule to answer my questions and offer help with anything I needed. His down to earth personality and devotion to help his fans makes him even more unique.


What genre would you say you fall under?

I think the simplest way to describe my music would be to call it “pop,” more along the lines of Jason Mraz/John Mayer/Maroon 5

 What made you start music? 

My best friend in middle school and I would go to summer camp for a week every year, and our plan to get girls to like us was to bring our acoustic guitars and sing for them.  That was honestly the reason I taught myself guitar, and the reason I started writing songs.

 How has Philadelphia influenced your music? 

I’ve grown close with a lot of Philly artists, rappers in particular.  There are a lot of great people out there working really hard to make it happen.  I think the overall “tone” of Philly has rubbed off on me a bit — it’s a tough town and you have to be able to handle that.  Confidence is key

 Do you compose your own music, and direct your own videos? 

I write, produce, engineer and mix my music and then I go out with my film production company South9 Entertainment (run by myself and my business partner David Ricks) and I direct my music videos.  We have over 15 million views on YouTube, and five videos on rotation at MTV.

What can we expect in 2012?

I’m breaking nationally

Artist, songwriter, producer, director- there are no limits to what Patten does. You can check out his latest album “Exposure” on iTunes along with his other music. He plans on releasing his seventh album, “Gone” early in 2012. Check out DavePatten.com for more information on shows and his music. You can also follow him on Twitter and “like” him on Facebook.

Check out Dave’s Introduction and some of his music video’s below.