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A Perfect Gift for Valentine’s Day: Birchbox

There is always great pressure to get the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. Whether you have been dating your significant other for a  few weeks or years, coming up with a thoughtful present that she’ll love can be a daunting task.  However there is a gift, Birchbox that will not only keep on giving but it’s sure to impress her.

Birchbox is a company that for a low price sends you samples of both well known brands and up and coming products.  The products span from make up to lotions, nail polish and perfume and everything in between. It is up to you to decide how many months you want to receive the birchbox. Each month a box will arrive containing new treasures and product samples to try out.

This gift is amazing because for only ten dollars a month you can test out numerous products to see which ones suit you best. You can stop wasting money buying products that you may only utilize once because after using them you realize they don’t work for you.

The birchbox website is easy to navigate and extremely informative. Any questions one might have are answered clearly there. Along with receiving the samples each month there are tutorials and guides on how to use the products. This is an all inclusive box that every girl will enjoy.

What makes Birchbox even more amazing is that you fill out a beauty profile. This profile helps to ensure that you are receiving products specifically for you. This feature personalizes the box and allows you to receive products you would want to use.

This is such a wonderful service that even if you don’t have a valentine you should still treat yourself. It’s a gift for any occasion and is worth every penny. Whether you want the birchbox for three months or a year the products you will be introduced to will no doubt become a part of your everyday life.