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7 Fun Fall Activities That You Don’t Need A Significant Other For

As the weather gets colder, the leaves get prettier, and the pumpkin spice becomes obsessed over, our need to share fun fall activities with a significant other seems to increase. This article is for all my single ladies (and men) out there! Here are some great dates you can take yourself on, because you’re strong and independent and don’t need a man to buy you a pumpkin spice latte!



  1. Go shopping for oversized clothing.

Nothing screams, “I’m ready for fall!” quite like a men’s size large flannel. No boyfriend to steal oversized hoodies or flannels from? No need to fear! Good Will and Salvation Army are like the holy land in regard to already broken in, oversized, and comfortable clothing (and it’s affordable too).



  1. Read or write at the park.

Now that you have your oversized flannel or sweater, you’re ready to throw that comfy little guy on and enjoy some quality you time. I like to take my journal down to the Bloomsburg Town Park and sit by the river and reflect, but if writing just isn’t your thing, you can always bring a good book or even some homework if you’re feeling studious.



  1. Get coffee at the local coffee shop.

I sometimes think the healing properties of a solo trip to a cozy coffee shop are very underrated. If you’re looking for a great spot to get some amazing coffee, look no further than Fog and Flame on Main Street in Bloomsburg. Great vibes, amazing beverages, and all in all, a great place to relax when it’s rainy or just a little too chilly to spend time outside.



  1. Stargaze

Once the sun goes down, bundle up in some comfy sweats, grab a blanket and find a quiet spot to look at the stars. Find some friends or go alone; either way, the cold, crisp air paired with an amazing view of the night sky is cleansing to the mind and soul.



  1. Bake your favorite fall treats

Although pumpkin spice never stops being delicious, something about the changing colors of the leaves and the cool air makes it taste better (as if that was really possible). There are some pretty crazy recipes out there, so do some research and find something new to try! (May I recommend utilizing Pinterest for this?) Or make those same delicious pumpkin flavored pancakes your mom always makes around Halloween; whatever you choose, make sure you make something you enjoy.



  1. Three words: Discounted. Halloween. Candy.

Mark your calendars and set your alarms, people! Once November 1st rolls around, the real holiday begins: it’s first come, first serve to 50% off Reese’s pumpkins at Walmart. It is like Black Friday but for fun sized candy bars. Stock up, deals like this don’t come around every day. The plus side to enjoying this as a single human is that there is no need to feel embarrassed for eating 13 fun sized Kit-Kat bars in one sitting!



  1. Take some bangin’ fall selfies.

The changing colors of the leaves paired with your favorite sweater and boots make for the perfect selfie. No boyfriend? No problem! That’s what self-timers are for. Get creative with it, don’t be scared to document your fall adventures to the world via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or all of the above!

Now get out there and enjoy the fall and single life!

~ runner ~ writer ~ blogger ~ sting ray lover ~ protein bar enthusiast ~