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5 of the Best Drinking Games

Many parties have drinking, dancing, and sometimes random hookups, but if you really want to have a good time, you should definitely play drinking games. They get everyone involved and you’ll get to see people’s limits. Here are five of the best drinking games for you and your friends to try during your next party or get-together:

  1. Beer/Water Pong: Every awesome party has this game. Most people know what pong is,pong if not you can see my other article The Game of Pong.
  2. TITS/Flip Cup: TITS is a game not too many people have heard of, here’s how you play: Everyone fills the bottom of a cup up with a little of their drink and they put the cups in a circle on the table with a cup of water in the middle . Everyone takes turns bouncing a pong ball. If the ball goes into someone else’s cup, you both have to drink what is in your cup and play Flip Cup; whoever gets it last gets a letter. If someone gets the ball in the middle cup, everyone drinks and does Flip Cup; the last one to get it gets a letter. Whoever spells TITS first loses. This concept is similar to playing HORSE in basketball.                                                                                                             Flip CupThe original Flip Cup is also a good game. For those of you who don’t know what this game is, it’s when you have two teams, one team on either side of the table. You start on one end and the first people in the line chug their drink, which should only fill the bottom of the cup, and then move their cup to the edge of the table and flip it over so it’s upside down. The next person on the team can’t go until the team member ahead of them flips the cup. Whichever team finishes first wins.
  3. Kings: Get a deck of cards and spread them out into a circle with a shot in the middle of your choice. Everyone takes turns grabbing a card, and if you break the circle you have to drink. Here’s what you do for each card that you get:kings cup
  • Ace- Waterfall: Everyone drinks and the person who got the card can’t stop until the last person in the circle does.
  • Two- You: pick someone to drink
  • Three- Me: you drink
  • Four- Floor: last one to touch the floor has to drink
  • Five- Guys
  • Six- Chicks
  • Seven- Heaven: last one to reach their hand up drinks
  • Eight- Date: pick a date and they have to drink every time you do
  • Nine- Rhyme: go around in the circle rhyming. The person who hesitates, repeats a word, or makes up a word drinks
  • Ten- Categories: the person who picked the card thinks of a category, for an example let’s say sodas, and everyone has to go take turns saying a different soda. If you hesitate or repeat one, you have to drink.
  • Jack- Never Have I Ever: everyone holds up three fingers and you all take turns saying something you have never done. If you’ve done it, you put a finger down. Whoever has all their fingers down first has to drink.
  • Queen- Questions: Go around in a circle asking question after question. The person who hesitates or doesn’t say a question, has to drink.
  • King- Rule: You get to make a rule that everyone has to follow and come up with a consequence if they don’t, like they have to take the shot in the middle.

Note: there are many different versions of Kings and what each card means, so the above is just one example.

4. Corners: For this game, a lot of people use the big cans of beer, the pounders. You have two teams of two and one person at each corner. You should be using the table vertically. cornersThe cans start upside down. One team will go first, they each have a pong ball and they have to throw the ball at the other team’s beer. If they hit the beer, they flip their own beer over and drink as much as they can until the other team gets the ball and taps it on the table. Whichever team finishes their beer first wins; you can’t win until both team members finish their drink.

5. Party Jenga: This is a fun game of Jenga with party tasks written on the bottom of each piece. Whenever you take a piece out, flip it over and see what it says you have to do. You can make your own party Jenga too, just write things on the pieces of a regular Jenga set. party jengaYou can have things like: Never have I ever, take a shot and do 10 push-ups, switch an article of clothing with the person to your left, etc. Whoever knocks all the pieces down has to finish their drink.

I’m sure there are other great party games that are played, but I figured these ones were pretty fun, and if you’ve never heard of them, you’ll have a good time trying them out. What party games do you like to play? Tell us in the comments below.

Editor’s Note:  As an organization, BUnow encourages only responsible and legal drinking.