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5 Benefits of Being an Individualist

 College: where we define who we are and find out what we want to be. Along the way there will be bumps on the road where you have no idea what’s happening or who you are. There are people who prefer to be different from others and don’t follow certain norms. Yes, I am an independent person, I do not stick to a single group of friends, and I decide what I want to do during my day. It sounds crazy, yes, I know you are thinking, “Do you have friends?” or “How do you handle that?” I do have some doubts, but it is not bad at all, as long as you know how to handle it. My friends know I am in different groups and that I want to spent time with everyone. I do not depend on a single group or person to be around all the time to hangout. I feel more like myself having the freedom to do what I like and to think. Being an individualistic person does have its benefits.

1.     You Know More People (And They Will Know You):

For you “It’s a small world” when everywhere you go you bump into someone that is an old friend, good classmate, club member, former roommate or anyone you have met in a some way. It happens every week when you are with a group of friends and you step out of that group to say “Hi” or hug someone you know. You have friends that have different backgrounds or interests that you enjoy and they like you the way you are too.

2.     Less Drama To Deal With:

Hanging out with people is fun even when you have not seen them for a while. You can catch up on what has been going on and have more to talk about. Even when it’s one of those times that you hangout and something bad happens but you are not involved or have no idea what is going on. You will be that person they vent to and are filled in on what has been happening. Being out of the situation is a relief but you’re being a good friend by listening to them as they talk it out.


3.     More Freedom To Be You:

Except for classes or important duties, the rest of your time and decisions are up to you. Either chill in your apartment, go to an event to meet a group, go to a friend’s place or whatever you feel like doing. We all do need “me time” during the week for things such as reading, napping, going to the gym or watching a show only you like. As long as you don’t do the “me time” all the time, it’s good to gather your thoughts and take  your mind off of things that stress you out.


4.     Keeping Relationships Stronger:

Not only do married couples need alone time but you need time apart to gather thoughts or do activities that others you know do not enjoy. Taking time off from some friends is not bad; they have other things going on in their lives and other people they know. Next time when you see them you will feel happier and have more to talk about since you last meet. Everyone has different lives and they will have time to spend time with the people they care about, you just have to learn to be patient and understandable.


5.     Be More Productive:

You have your own time to work on assignments and accomplish more. You are not a person that would to be expected to meet up for lunch every day with the same person. Things come up and some duties or promises need to be met. Some people may be mad because you have a lot going on and are seeing more people you know. But they need to understand that you are an individual and that you are part of other people’s lives as well.