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21 Things You’ll Miss About College

As senior’s college careers are coming to an end, it’s about that time for things to get sentimental and sad. Four years seemed to go by so quickly and yet so slow. These are just some of the many, many things you’ll miss about college.

  1.  Never having to eat alone and with people who won’t judge how much food you stuff in your face.
  2. Your friends making you go out when you have a test the next day because they don’t want you to have FOMO.
  3. Telling all of your friends insignificant details about your day face to face because telling stories through text is not the same.
  4. Being able to go out during the week, because when exactly can you do that again?
  5. The little interactions you have with people while walking to class or out on the weekend.
  6. All of the group texts notifying what all of your roommates are doing at all times during the day.
  7. Fooling around during class because at this point most of the people in your classes have become your besties.
  8. Always having someone to help craft the perfect text to someone.
  9. Knowing every quirk about your roommates/friends like the back of your hand and still loving them anyway.
  10. Always having someone to walk home and get a 3 a.m. pretzelini with.
  11. Random heart to hearts: drunk and sober.
  12. Making up nicknames for people we don’t know their names to or for people we know and don’t want others to hear.
  13. Knowing every single person from our stories/life from that kid who sits in front of me in math thinking to that girl we met once in the bathroom at the bar.
  14. Always having someone to help you make the executive decision to skip class.
  15. Making award shows, TV specials and series a big event.
  16. Always having someone to try to piece together your night.
  17. Having extra closets to look through when you seem to have nothing to wear.
  18. Having your best friends live with you or are within a 1 mile radius.
  19. Doing absolutely nothing and still having the most fun.
  20. When you miss your friends after an hour of not seeing them.
  21. Knowing that after you leave you’ll not only miss Bloomsburg but the person you were while you were here.

Here’s to the class of 2015 we did it!

I'm a senior at Bloomsburg University studying journalism. I'm interested in fitness, celebrities, and beauty. In my spare time I teach a fitness class called jumping calories and I'm also in National Broadcast Society.