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20 Things That People Who Are Constantly Hungry Will Understand:

The struggle is real when it comes to being in a committed relationship with food. Here are a few things those who are constantly hungry and who always have food on the mind will understand.

  1. The first thing you think of when you wake up is what’s for breakfast (or lunch).
  2. The motivation to get out of bed is the thought of getting a breakfast sandwich from Husky, even though you would you would prefer one from Bloomin’.
  3. You often end up dreaming about food.
  4. While at the gym: “If I burn all these calories now I could go get late night and eat those two pieces of pizza later…”
  5. Before the gym “I can totally carb load on pasta and eat that ice cream too.”
  6. When you get asked out by someone the first thought that goes through your mind is: “Will there be food …”
  7. So I have class in a half hour, do I have time for Subway?
  8. There better be cookies at The Commons today.
  9. When asked about your relationship status you say I’m in a pretty committed relationship with two guys named Ben and Jerry.
  10. Pizza is bae.
  11. If I share my food with you, then you know it’s real…but I might just eat it all.
  12. Even though I just ate a full meal, I think I have room for that milkshake.
  13. I just brushed my teeth but I might as well risk it and eat a late night snack before bed.
  14. It’s only 1:00 am, so I still have time to order a Pretzellini.
  15. You’ll go to campus events just for the free food, because let’s be honest it’s free.
  16. When you have to take the bus back to campus from the Bloomsburg Fair because you ate too much and will soon fall into a food coma.
  17. You have food babies so much that you often name them.
  18. You’ve perfectly timed when to go to late night before it turns into an African feeding hole.
  19. While hooking up with someone you think “Do I have time for pizza after this? I still have one meal swipe left…”
  20. When you go home for the weekend your biggest priority is restocking all your food. Then you think “I should get a medal for how fast this will all be gone.”