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20 Reasons Why You Can’t Find Love on Tinder

Whether we like to admit it or not, almost all of us have tried Tinder. While it can be all fun and games, some people might try to use this app as a way to enter a relationship and find love. Unfortunately, in my opinion, that will almost never happen. Here’s my reasons why:

  1. People are only looking for easy sex.
  2. “Because they’re all f***boys.”
  3. “Ugly.”
  4. Fake profiles, fake people.
  5. Because guys say things like “tits of gtfo.” IMG_7460
  6. Who wants someone who spends all day swiping left or swiping right?
  7. It’s too much fun to mess around with people on there.
  8. You see too many people you know on there.
  9. Because when you see someone you matched with on campus, you pretend like you don’t know them.
  10. You’re too judgmental.
  11. Because he’s actually 12.
  12. “His profile picture is his dog. Do you want me to hook up with your dog?”
  13. Because you’ll come across the most random people, like ones who use Tinder to make some money: IMG_7462
  14. Because you never answer the messages you get.
  15. Your matches are from continuously swiping right.
  16. Because your friends are the ones actually controlling your Tinder and you know they’re not taking it seriously.
  17. People admit to just wanting to hook up.
  18. Because you get messaged with cheesy pickup lines. IMG_7699IMG_7700
  19. You never message first.
  20. Because you’re on there just to see how many matches you get, not to find love.

Now, these are just my reasons why I believe you can’t find love on Tinder. Most people use it to mess around, get a good laugh, or just to hook up with someone, but if you want to find love, good luck beating the odds.