16 Signs You’ve Applied to an Internship

Now if you think waking up and going to class everyday is hard, try applying for an internship.


1. You spend hours on the Internet signing up for websites like internships.com and browsing for an internship fit for your major.


2. You finally come across internships that are perfect fits.


3. When you do find a fit internship, it’s for the wrong semester or session.


4. You have about 10 different versions of your cover letter, and can just about write them in your sleep.


5. And you just about want to slam your computer into a wall while trying to finish all of the applications by the due date.


6. You even begin contemplating dropping out to become a hobo.


7. Once you do finally finish, the waiting game begins.


8. You check your e-mail about 400 times a day.


9. And when you do get an e-mail, it’s just junk e-mail.


10. But when that e-mail does come you’re like a white girl in a Starbucks.


11. You begin to prepare and research what to do for a perfect interview.


12. And you search just about every person’s closet you can get your hands on or retail store for the perfect interview outfit.


13. Finally, the interview day comes and your insides basically feel like a giant ball of mush.


14. Then the waiting game begins again to here if you get the position.


15. If not, you probably will never hear from that company again.


16. Or you receive the e-mail or call of your dreams and your hard work finally paid off.