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William Turner to Run For CGA President With Running Mate Owen Burg

BLOOMSBURG, PA- Willam P Turner (Junior) is running for CGA President with Owen Burg (Freshman) as his Vice-President running mate. Turner and Burg believe that they can make positive changes in the CGA and at Bloomsburg University as a whole.

In an e-mail interview, Turner laid out five goals that he intends to achieve if elected: promote diversity, collaborate with the town of Bloomsburg, strengthen the international program, shine a positive light on greek life, and increase incoming student recruitment.

“I soley want to help the Bloomsburg University student,” Turner stated.


Burg’s aspiration as VP is to “make sure each and every individual has a voice.” He plans to have CGA representatives visit every club and organization on campus to hear from the student body what they want to see changed at Bloomsburg.

Turner and Burg both have prior experience in serving CGA.

Turner is the current CGA Parliementarian and the President of the class of 2019. As class president, Turner created the event “Revamping Progress” which was a discussion about “revampinig the student experience” at Bloomsburg University.

Burg is the current class president of the class of 2021. Since being elected, Burg has fundraised, organized, and overall listened to the needs of his class and acted accordingly.

“I am a man for the people,” Burg proclaimed.

As a marketing major, Burg has taken those promotional skills and applied them to his presidential position. Burg found an innovative way to promote his class events via instagram, creating calls to action through mini commercials.

Turner and Burg intend to bring similar innovation with him to CGA, if elected.

CGA elections will be Wednesday March 7th through Thursday at midnight. Voting is online at this link.

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