2012 ElectionOn Campus

Why you should vote as a Bloomsburg student

If you did not vote last election & are of age for this election, now is the time to make a difference.

First as a country we need to recognize that when President Obama first was elected the country wasn’t in the best of conditions. With that being said, it takes time for such situations to change for the better.
Several different opinions separate the candidates Mitt Romney & President Barack Obama. Let’s bring fourth some of the main policies President Obama and Romney differs from.
Let us begin with Mitt Romney’s Position on the economy. Romney wants to make Bushes Tax cut permanent. Another economic plan is to lower corporate tax rate across the board to 25  percent according to CNN News.  That to me shows that the rich will continue to get richer.
On the other hand President Obama repeal’s Bush’s tax cut for households earning more than $250,000. He also wants to lower taxes on manufacturing industry.
Additional plans to increase Stimulus spending and tax cuts to grow the economy (short term). Another is to cut spending and raise taxes on wealthy to reduce deficit (long term) according to CNN News. This is to help the people in poverty and to help build a strong middle class.
In September on NBC news there was a poll asking who will be more efficient at dealing with the economy. To my surprise the polls were dead even at 43% for Mitt Romney and 43% for President Barack Obama.
This next topic could sway the votes just because of how powerful changing this law will be and that is the position on gay rights.
Republican candidate Romney opposes same-sex marriage, but supports legal unions as well as the recently repealed law, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.
On the other hand, President Obama Supports gay marriage and also allowing gays to serve openly in the military.

As I walked around campus pondering this election I decided to speak to a few friends about it. Out of the five students I’ve spoken to four out of five of them say they are voting for current President Obama.
The top reason I kept coming across was his appeal to the college community.
He understands that some parents in America cannot afford to pay for their child’s schooling and is making it possible for a lot of people to be able to move above the poverty line.
Mitt Romney on the other hand believes that he can just choose the kids that “really” deserve to receive financial aid. Along with that statement, he expresses that student should ask their parents for money for their college tuition and expenses.
This is just my opinion but I believe this is the main reason that Obama will win the college and younger generations vote.