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Why You Should Consider Doing The Big Event Next Year

On April 1, Bloomsburg University held its annual The Big Event. If you were like me, who had no idea what The Big Event even was until this semester, it’s a day where BU students give back to the community. This involves service from helping people clean their yards to raking leaves at local parks. To be eligible to sign up for The Big Event, you must sign up with an organization that is on campus or a small group. For more information about The Big Event, head to: www.bloomu.edu/big-event and watch the clip below.

Now that you have some information about the actual event, you might be asking yourself, why should I volunteer (other than to be an overall good human being)? Here are three answers to your question:

  1. You get to help members of the community

I was a part of BUNow’s group for The Big Event, and we were assigned to do tasks for a sweet lady who was more than thankful for our help. It provided a sense of satisfaction when we were done with our tasks (which included cleaning up a pond, raking leaves, and pulling out tree stumps). Not only did we feel good about the work we did, but the homeowner felt good about the work we did too. Overall, it was just a very fulfilling experience, even if my shoes did get covered in mud!

  1. You meet new members of the community

As I mentioned before, our group was assigned to a very sweet lady who lives with four cats. She went above and beyond to make us feel welcome, and that really left an impression on me. I know from talking to the rest of the group, that she left an impression on everyone else too. She provided us with snacks and drinks and even gave us our own coffee holders to take home. She was very thankful for the work we did for her and was very kind and understanding. I’m not from the Bloomsburg area, so I had no idea what the people around Bloomsburg are like. After that experience, I learned that some of them have kind hearts, just like the homeowner that we helped.

  1. You get to bond with your organization

I’ll admit it, I don’t really know that many people from BUNow. I’ve been a member for two semesters now, but I’m the worst with getting to meet new people. Our group was very open with one another, so it gave me opportunities to talk to people that I never talked to before. I found out that they’re really nice and funny. I’m also the worst with names, but I even got to learn the names of many members, and I’m sure that I won’t forget them after this event. It just allowed me to learn more about people that I knew nothing about before.

So, I say if you have the chance to sign up for The Big Event next year, take it. It’s an experience that I’ll always hold on to, even if it was a bit messy and dirty, and I really really hate dirt. It really gives you an opportunity to bond with your organization, and you get to meet new people from the community that will leave an impression on your life.