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Where Are The Police When You Need Them?

Photo from boisepolice.org

The last few weeks of spring semester at Bloomsburg University, a complete concern of safety for students who live both on and off campus has ignited. There has been a streak of attacks occurring as students walk to and from classes as well as on the weekends in student’s spare time. Despite having a 24/7 police force and 38 call boxes that link to the Bloomsburg University Police Department, I have never felt more unsafe in my college career.

After talking with students and staff at the University, I have found a consensus that many believe we need more security walking through campus. Some would probably disagree with my point of view and blame these attacks on the fact that we are “naive college students.” Being in college we are labeled as immature, closed minded and rude people who just want to party. What outsiders need to understand is that we can only protect ourselves to a certain degree.

Yes, the university police always make themselves seen driving their squad cars along the roadways, but there is no possible way they could see an act in a timely manner if something happened around the academic quad for instance. “I walk home from my night class every day, and I am always skeptical of my surroundings…it shouldn’t have to be like that,” said Bloomsburg University senior, Christina Hingston.

One campus, The University of Washington, has a program where “Night Walking Officers” stroll around campus and walk students home. Obviously, I know that money is necessary for these amenities, but this is one factor that I believe administrators need to sit down and make the room for. We aren’t talking about luxuries and preferences that students are begging for; we need to feel protected in our home. The video below, featuring David Nance, explains how to keep yourself safe in college situations.

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/iijKh6l8Ssw” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Benjamin Meck, a junior here at Bloomsburg University, said, “I think that if we can’t have foot patrol police, we should make a student organized campus watch.”

Until action is taken, we need to be aware of our surroundings and look out for one another. To keep yourselves safe, walk in groups, carry mace and never neglect to call the police if you feel unsafe or witness an unsettling situation. To contact the Bloomsburg University Police Department click the link to their web page here.

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