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What’s the Big Deal about the Big Event?

Texas A&M University started it all, and it’s now the largest student run community service project in the nation. It’s called “The Big Event.”

According to Texas A&M’s Big Event homepage, “Joe Nussbaum, then Vice President of Texas A&M University’s Student Government Association, started it in 1982.” The Big Event was started as a way for students to say “Thank You” to the surrounding community.

Over 80 schools participate in The Big Event and almost 150 other schools participate in similar community service projects around the nation. Bloomsburg University is now in its third year participating in The Big Event.

This single-day community service project will be held on Saturday, March 31 in Bloomsburg and throughout neighboring communities. The Community Government Association (CGA) is sponsoring BU’s Big Event. This event gives BU students the opportunity to give back and help the area residents. Tasks such as raking leaves, cleaning or washing windows, weeding, and painting will be performed at homes of townspeople who chose to participate in this community service project.

The Big Event is in search for individuals, groups, and organizations willing to give back for one day. The deadline to sign up for The Big Event is March 2, 2012.

If interested, stop by the CGA office, Kehr Union Building 421 to pick up a form or click on a link below to print them out. For additional information, call (570) 389-4462 or email cga@bloomu.edu

CGA description of The Big Event

List of Participant Forms

Individual and Small Group Registration

Club and Organization Registration