Wanda Lucibello Speaks on Domestic Violence

Bloomsburg University welcomed guest speaker Police Chief Wanda Lucibello of Brooklyn, this past Thursday night, to speak on domestic violence.

Lucibello has been working in the field of domestic violence for the past fifteen years. During which time she has helped to organize the New York City Family Justice Center in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Brooklyn has the highest volume of arrests and prosecutions of domestic violence per year than any of the other boroughs in NYC. Out of those cases, about twelve are also homicides. Lucibello spoke on the issues her department deals with. She broke down how the prosecution handles these delicate cases and even engaged the full lecture hall of students.

Lucibello had the audience listen to a taped 911 emergency call of a young child calling for help for his in distress mother. After listening to the heartwrenching audio she discussed ways in which her unit helps victims such as the one from the recording. The Family Justice Center is a place that houses all the possible organizations that a victim of domestic abuse may need to visit.

The NYC Family Justice Center has partners with organizations to aid Arab-Americans, Gay/Lesbian victims, victims with no legal citizenship, and victims with young children. Over a hundred units nationwide competed for the government funding to put together a safe haven for domestic violence victims, only fifteen were chosen. Lucibello’s unit was one of units.

Since the Family Justice Center opened its doors they have had 46,742 clients walk through their doors. Between 2002 and 2010 the percentage of intimate partner homicide has dropped by 43 percent. The unit quadrupled the number of special immigrant visas granted.

Lucibello is proud of the work she and her unit have accomplished and hopes for a better future. She hopes they can better address the needs of children effect by domestic violence and wishes to see better protection for victims prior to their trials. With such a strong woman leading the way, the NYC Family Justice Center most certainly will continue to help more and more people and families touched by domestic violence.