On Campus

University to Adopt New Email System

The student email system will be upgraded to Microsoft Life@edu by mid-May.  The switch entails several upgrades from the current mymail system, including lifetime activity.  In the past, six months after graduating from BU, alumni email accounts become inactive.   Once the switch is to Microsoft Life, alumni will be able to continue their email activity through this system.

The new email will provide 25-GB Sky Drive, Mobile Device Support, Collaboration Space, and 10 GB of Mailbox space.  The current mymail accounts features mailbox space of just 100 MB.

Changes will need to be made to accommodate for the switch.  Students’ current mymail user ID will change, though passwords, web space and drive space will not.

After six months of adopting Microsoft Live, the @bloomu.edu addresses will no longer function.  Student email addresses will change with the new system.

Mymail inboxes will not be automatically switched to students’ new accounts, but for 90 days after Microsoft Life is initiated, messages from the old account may be forwarded to the new accounts.

Once the switch is made, students will also be using their new User IDs to log on to campus computers, Blackboard, and wireless and dorm registration systems.  Students will be informed of their new user IDs and email addresses through emails from BU Network Services.

More information about Microsoft Live can be found at http://my.liveatedu.com/.