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Top 10 Jobs on Campus

Looking for a job that gives you a good amount of money in your bank account and works around your schedule? The search is over! Students have rated jobs on Bloomsburg Campus and here are the top ten results:

#10- University Store– the University store is where students usually buy expensive books and Bloomsburg gear. The store does hire students. Their job is to stand behind the register and help with any questions you may have. They also act as resources for students that may not be familiar with using Husky Rewards or discount coupons.

On the other hand, this job doesn’t give you the opportunity to interact with students or build relationships with them but communication is a necessity. Sometimes cashiers can be really helpful by giving tips to their peers about purchasing textbooks and saving money. If you are looking for something basic and enjoy working in retail, I would suggest applying to work at the University store. See a cashier or the desk located across from the University Store’s entrance.

#9- Mail room– Many of you have become very familiar with where your packages go while others are wondering how did the packages get there. Some of the people, who work in the mail room, deliver the packages to the dorm halls each day. They also keep things moving smoothly by organizing each package by name and number for the CAs to ensure that each student receives the right package.

They can be very helpful, but most people don’t pay this job any attention. If you are one who likes to work behind the scenes and doesn’t need recognition for carefully delivering other students packages, then this is the job for you! Ask the workers in the Mail room or go to Residence Life to discuss the application process.

#8- Husky Lounge– The Husky Lounge, also known as “Bloomsburg McDonald’s,” is where students use their meal plan to get food on-the-go. These employees are hard-workers and get paid for their labor, but this job will definitely tire you out. For those who enjoy working in food service, Aramark loves students that have a lot of experience with customer service.

However, it is very difficult to work at the Husky Lounge with the never-ending lines of students waiting to place their order and only a few workers to serve them. If you are one who loves to be involved with extra-curricular activities, I would take a rain check on this job and keep searching. But if you handle students’ complaints and working quickly doesn’t intimidate you, try working at the Husky Lounge.

#7- Scranton Commons-The Commons is well-known for being a daily buffet that is best for supper time. “At the Commons, you are always on your feet. It’s not very enjoyable. I don’t feel like you get paid for the amount of work that you do,” said Crystal Burrell, a freshman who currently works at the Commons.

With the majority of residence halls surrounding the area, it is one of the most convenient and cheapest places to go, especially if you are running low on Flex. Who could pass up an All You Can Eat buffet for just a meal swipe? If that’s not enough, as an employee, you get to eat anything and everything you want for free. The catch is that you only have a 15-minute break. All applications for Aramark dining services such as the Scranton Commons and Husky Lounge can be found in their office located in the Scranton Commons. Ask any associate that works there for an application.

#6- Program Assistant– A Program Assistant, also known as “PA”, may recognize them at the desk when you enter the computer lab located in Student Service Center or the “DDI Lab”. Most summer freshman are pretty familiar with PAs because they play very active parts in helping students academically and sociably in the summer than during spring and fall semesters. “A PA’s job is easy. In the summer time, they work with the students, but now they are always sitting at the desk on the computer. Their work load doesn’t really require them to do much,” said Crystal Burrell, an ACT101 summer freshman.

Jasmin Rockemore, junior BU student, who currently works as a PA and an OWL, said, “A PA is handsomely rewarded in the summer but receive less money during the fall and spring semester.” For those who would prefer to have a more relaxing job that doesn’t consist of an overwhelming workload, then see the ACT101 office to apply.

#5- Tutorial Services-It is nothing like the satisfaction of helping a student pass a course and getting paid to do it. If you have a helpful heart and are doing well in a specific field or course, being a tutor may work best for you.

“Tutors help students with a lot of classes they have. I actually was tutored for a class and it helped me a lot. Without a tutor, I probably wouldn’t have done as well in the class,” said Caley Nevin, a junior BU student, who currently works as a mentor. These tutors can be found at Tutorial Services located on the first floor of Student Service Center. If you are interested, stop by their desk and ask how to for an application.

#4- Kehr Union– “The best part of the job is that we’re in a central area. There are a lot of different people you get to meet,” explained Brianna Haines explained junior BU student, who currently works at the Main Desk. Most of you are very familiar with the Main Desk or remember not too long ago when it was known as the “Info Desk”. In this particular job, you learn more about events on campus and interesting facts to help lost and confused students, who don’t know where to find someone to answer their questions.

As a student, you can finish homework assignments during your desk shift. If you to know the inside scoop about what’s going on in the Kehr Union building or on campus, then you need to apply to work in the Kehr Union ASAP! Applications can be found on the second floor in the office of Student Activities.

#3- LLC Mentors-The mentors work with a specific Living & Learning community. The Living & Learning Community mentors specialize in tutoring and bonding with students to keep them on track with their academics as well as be a helping hand. A difficulty of being a mentor is getting too attached to their mentees, but that is not always a bad idea.

Caley Nevin has been working as a mentor of Frederick Douglass Living & Learning Community: Institute for Academic Excellence for two years.”I get to meet so many new people and to interact with people who are different than me. It’s has been nice to gain that experience.” Nevin shares that the program consists of frequent meetings with mentees and trips to Washington D. C. and New York.

As mentor, you will have the opportunity to make an impact on freshman and be their role model. Unfortunately, this particular job is only offered to students, who are currently a part of the Living & Learning Community. In addition, the mentees are selected for the position by the director or can apply for the position. It depends upon the specific Living & Learning Community’s requirements. Talk to the director of your Living & Learning Community to let him or her know that you’re interested.

#2- Orientation Workshop Leader– An Orientation Workshop Leader is also known as an O.W.L. An O.W.L. is one of many jobs that train students to help freshman to adjust to college. O.W.L.s are usually known for helping freshman move their belongings into their rooms and give students valuable information at orientation. Rockemore remininsces,”We move freshman in and welcome them. We’re there for the students. After orientation, we give them our numbers and meet throughout the semester.”

During the spring the fall semester, the O.W.L.s are more laid-back but still very effective. Rockemore explains that “it’s less time consuming. You have more experience with being an O.W.L.”They often host tours for graduating high school students and incoming freshman. On Nov. 1st, there will be a meeting at 9p.m. in McCormick  1303 for students who are interested in becoming an O.W.L. Applications will also be available.

#1- Community Assistant– A Community Assistant, or “CA” is a very popular job on campus, where students are trained to help freshman and other students have a better experience at college in and out of the dorm halls. CAs do more than just bust students for breaking school rules; but they monitor the dorms to ensure safety and comfort for each student. “The CA position is really cool because you get to influence a lot of people’s lives in the dorms. They get to do fun stuff like programs, decorations and work tons of hours,” said Brianna Haines. It is a lot of work but it does pay off. Not to mention, room expenses are paid for and receive a bi-weekly paycheck.

Unlike some jobs where your work is done once you have fulfilled the hours on your shift, a CA’s job is treated as a lifestyle. As a CA, it’s important to be aware of what you do, who you hang with, and where you go because residents are constantly watching you. CAs are role models and also serve as a source of assistance when it’s needed. A CA’s job is very essential in making dorm-living fun, safe and comfortable for all students. If you would like to become a CA for the upcoming semester, see the Residence Life office located in Elwell Hall or talk to a CA about an application. Most importantly, get involved with different organizations, get to know your CA, and you must have at least a 2.7 GPA.



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