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To Study or Not To Study?

Finally it’s here: finals week. Of course we all hate this time of the year because it means we actually have to start studying. Not only studying but typing up those 12-page papers about something that does not even make sense. But we also love this time of year because it means we can put another semester behind us and look forward to a month long break. Although personally I have found that studying is not the hard part, it’s the easiest actually. It is the motivation to actually start studying which I can never seem to find. So here are a few tips once you have actually decided to study and not surf the internet all day.

1. Make a schedule- make sure you are actually studying for the right final for the right days.

2. Study in groups- you probably did not make it to every single class this year, so chances are you are missing some notes. Work with other people in your class to make sure you have everything you need to study.

3. Work less- do not work the same number of hours as you normally would. Take time to focus on finals instead of working double shifts every Friday and Saturday.

4. Resist partying on “off” days- use any days when you do not have finals to study in advance. Instead of cramming for three finals in one day, use an “off” day to spread out your time.

5. Do not make too little or too much of finals- figure out which finals will be more or less difficult and plan your schedule accordingly.

6. Study in a quiet place away from computers- go to the library or a study room, not near a computer. Being by a computer will distract you to check BU Now, Facebook or email.

7. Do not have more caffeine than you normally would- drinking coffee or Red Bull for the entire week of finals will do nothing but make you crash. At first it will give you a boost, but too much will not help you.

8. Take breaks- do not study for ten hours straight, take some time to let your brain rest.

9. Get enough sleep- do not pull all nighters, chances are you will fall asleep on top of your books anyway.

10. Eat healthy- eating ramen and chips generally will not help. Eat foods with protein for energy which will help you focus better.

11. Do not cram- take the hour or so before the final to relax and focus.

12. Let it go- when it is over, do not focus on how well or bad you did; concentrate on your next final.

Then finally when this week is all over, RELAX. Take the next month off to enjoy the holidays with friends and family. Whether you passed the class or not, it is over!

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